Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I cheated.

On my cleanse.

I know! I was so motivated. But the weekend arrived. I am starving for meat. Absolutely starving for it! I am starving for some chocolate too. And wine. I know the point is to go through this and not want that, but I want it more than ever.

I did okay on Saturday. While my family dined at the choo choo restaurant, I watched them eat burgers and fries while I ate nuts and dried cranberries. I love burgers and fries, it was hard. Then we went to the chocolate factory and I'm sorry, but there's no way in hell I was going to leave there without some chocolate. I got a chocolate and caramel covered almond cluster and I did not finish the whole thing.

Sunday was no bueno. We were out riding bikes and rode our bikes to Waffle House. Yes, the place that no one should ever eat. It is delicious. If I was going to cheat, I could have just had a waffle. But no. I had a waffle, hashbrowns, eggs and a piece of raisen toast. It was amazing. I gained a whole pound. That is not amazing.

I rebounded this week and I am supposed to go until next Monday, but I can't take much more. This burst of energy I am supposed to have has not happened yet. I feel exhausted and I felt way better after eating my plate o'crap at Waffle House.

My Skinny Girl Sangria is sitting on my counter, just screaming my name.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I lovingly picked it up the other night and said "Don't worry. Only a few more days and we can be together." Hubby was sitting at the table.

"What are we going to do together in a couple days? Uh, I thought you were talking to me. Oh my God. You're talking to your wine bottle."



  1. There is no love like the love between a woman and her booze of choice. Men just don't get it.

  2. You crack me up!!! Only a few more days and you will be reunited with your booze and hopefully your hubby. That is too funny.....


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