Friday, March 2, 2012

Firm Friday

Starting weight: 158

Current weight: 153.4

Lbs. lost: 4.6

Lbs. to go: 13.4

My workouts this week were:

3 mile bike ride

2 mile outdoor run, 32 lunges, core

My workouts this week were pretty measly. I had a lot of cleaning to do Saturday and didn't do my 5 mile run. The twinkies also did not sleep even a single night all night long last week so it really caught up to me. Especially Monday, Peanut was up from 2-5 in the night. This week I have to step it up and would like to do more Jillian, but I don't understand how people can do that 4-5 days a week. I am so sore after one time that I can't walk for 4 days. What the?

My eating was amazing. This cleanse has been much easier than I thought. I do feel a little drained of energy as I am eating pretty much no carbs at all, but I did lose almost 3 pounds since Monday! I have been eating a lot of fruits, nuts and raw veggies. My favorite meal of the week was Chipotle. I had the brown rice, black beans, mild salsa and guacamole. No meat or cheese or tortilla. It was really good and satisfying. Last night I had a plate of tomato, avocado and watermelon. I made brown rice because I knew I would still be hungry, but I wasn't! I was so full I didn't eat the brown rice at all. I haven't been making shakes, smoothies, or juice like I am supposed to but haven't adjusted my time management enought to allow for that during the work week. I'm not going to lie though, I may cheat. Hubby suggested riding our bikes down the road to a little hole in the wall place we used to go all the time that has the most delicious french toast in America. Hmmm . . . . . Sounds very tempting! At Jason's Deli I tried a spinach wrap. I almost barfed, so everything hasn't been a hit.

In the spirit of working out, here are my nuggets preparing for our bike ride!



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  1. Stopping by from Firm Friday! Your kids are adorable and it sounds like you are definitely on the right track this week--awesome!


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