Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Random for Your Weekend

- I didn't do Firm Friday yesterday because I only worked out once and didn't have a scale where I was sleeping. I wasn't sleeping at my house because I am a pansy and when Hubby travels for business I always think we are going to get robbed and murdered in our sleep. Anyway, I ate a lot less, so that was good!

- Is anyone else weirded out by listening to 911 calls? I thought it was creepy when the whole Michael Jackson business happened, but then the other day on a radio station they had the Demi Moore 911 call playing and I just felt uncomfortable. Is this really our business? Should we be allowed to listen to what is happening in one of the worst moments of someone's life without their consent? I am thinking no. It's creepy. I turned the station.

- I can't tolerate this Bachelor. Seriously. I don't find him very attractive and he is so super boring. He doesn't seem one bit interested in the girls he is on dates with and there is no chemistry, other than his obvious enjoyment of oogling Courtney's goodies. If the women weren't so crazy, I probably wouldn't even watch, but that is good entertainment! On the other hand, thank GOD for the return of Cougar Town. That show is amazing.

-I can definitely see why the Duggar's had 19 kids. Aside from the good lovin' of a big family, my delightful son waits for me while I'm in the shower and then hands me my towel when I am done. Today he stood above me while doing my ab workout and squirted water in my mouth. It's absolutely adorable, but also really cool. I didn't even teach him that! Can you imagine what it's like with 19? You could have someone making lunch, doing laundry, cleaning floors. Seems like a good plan now instead of totally crazy.

-I signed up for another photography class! I have taken a one hour version and this will be four hours plus studio time. I'm really excited! I've always wanted some kind of hobby. Now that we are in toddlerhood I feel so much more rested and able to enjoy nuggets AND enjoy mommy activities.

- My children and I baked a cake together. It was lots of fun. I love strawberry cake with strawberry frosting, it reminds me of being a kid because I always had heart shaped cupcakes of this nature for my birthday. Ocean loves to help in the kitchen. Ever is on the fence about how she feels about it, but she'll eat it. That's my girl.





Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. I enjoy baking with my kiddos too. C likes to bake, but won't eat it. But G sure will!

    And go you with the photo class! Can't wait to enjoy the results!

  2. I feel icky hearing 911 calls, too. Too personal -- I'd never want my most terrifying moment played for the world to hear.

    I'm baking cookies with the kiddos right now!

  3. I enjoy following your blog. I too have twins, they are 18 months old B/B. Good Luck with your photo class, you take some great pictures. I play around with my camera but haven't found time for any classes yet. But one day I'll learn what all those little letters and numbers mean.
    If you could please vote for one of my twins that is in a photo contest on It's the My Messy Eater Contest. He is in 1st and it ends tonight.

    Here is my blog

  4. I agree about the 911 calls. I feel like those shouldn't be available to the public. It's just so private.

    Yay for photography class! I'm talking my first one in a few weeks and can't wait to finally learn how to use my camera!

  5. I'm kind of skeeved out by the 911 calls too... it's just weird.

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