Friday, February 10, 2012

Firm Friday

Starting weight: 158

Current weight: 156.6

Lbs. lost: 1.4

Lbs. to go: 16.6

My workouts this week were:

5 mile outdoor run (in only 45 minutes, woo hoo)

A 40 minute outdoor run with core and lunges

2 30 minute cardio sessions on the elliptical and core

I definitely made my goal! I really want to add in my Jillian DVD, but I can't find that thing anywhere!

On the other hand, my eating was disgusting again. I even ate cupcakes for breakfast once. Ouch. I have a plan for next week, except Tuesday which is my birthday and also Valentine's Day. I was born early on the day of love because the Lord knew how lovable I would become and it just fit so well. Ahem. If I don't eat better next week, I am officially a loser. Hubby says I just need to stop eating my emotions. But a good cry and a box of gourmet cupcakes is honestly better than a therapy session! Not for my health, but it has the same impact. I'm going to buck up this week though you guys. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it . . . . . .

My dangler of mush has never set off the metal detector, but that dumb bobby pin I forgot about did.


  1. I will mail you my Jillian DVD. Free. Just to get the evil out of my house.

  2. You can so do it! I've been bad, I work out one week and take two off, no Bueno :(
    the eating? Let's not get into it, you are inspiring me again!

  3. ah hahahaha! love that quote at the end. You did awesome with workouts girly :) Im really needing to buckle down on the eating. Why do cupcakes have to taste so good?!

  4. Way to go on the running.

    I hear ya about eating. Cupcakes for breakfast? Yes please.

  5. So, apparently we are the perfect diet/shape up duo. The food? I can do that. The exercise? No no no. I've manage to lose 8 pounds since New Years with counting calories and walking ONCE a week (while the kiddos are in school). It feels good, and my pants fit better. But NO TONE at ALL. Oh my dangler. I need your exercise power! Go you!

  6. Have a great Valentine's Day! Maybe you could make mini cupcakes? So they're not as bad...

  7. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)


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