Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back at the ER

We have decided that our favorite place to go is the ER, since we have been there about once a month since October. First Ever got croup that was misdiagnosed as an enlarged heart at a walk-in clinic (for the love of God!!), then we realized that Ever is allergic to tree nuts, and then it was Ocean's turn this past week.

Wednesday evening I picked him up from daycare and he was snotty, but okay. The weather was gorgeous so we went on a walk and played at the park and looked at the ducky's on the pond. We always see the ducks from the Jeep, so they were both grinning ear to ear looking at them up close and hearing them talk. Then we looked at the moon, which Ever loves to do nightly, then went home. We ate dinner and he started getting a little whiney. I took his temp and it was 101 so I gave him some meds. I went upstairs to get their stuff and came down and then was doing stuff in the kitchen. 45 minutes from the temp and meds before, he was trying to stay awake but he couldn't. His lips were totally dried out and his cheeks were flushed and cracked. I took his temp again and it was up to 104.5.

Like any great mother, I panicked.

I put his coat on and Ever's coat. I told Ever we had to hurry, hurry, hurry. I put Ocean in his car seat. He couldn't keep his eyes open and he was crying and crying. Ever came running out of the house with my cell yelling "Mommy, you phone, you phone!" I swear, that little girl knocks my socks off sometimes with how smart and observant she is. I grabbed her and the diaper bag and didn't even turn off lights or lock the door and we hauled ass to the ER, which luckily is only two minutes from our house.

I always wonder why they call the emergency room the emergency room. It should be called the "you-better-hope-you-don't-actually-have-an-emergency-or-you're-going-to-die-soon" room. After waiting awhile and watching my son slip in and out of awakeness and moaning and crying, I asked them how long it would be. She said they were busy, although I didn't see a nurse doing a damn thing. I won't repeat what I responded with, but we were called back shortly after that. Hubby was in class so I was on my own, but he arrived right as we were put in a room.

It breaks a mama's heart to see your baby get an IV, blood drawn, swabbed in the nose and throat and a bag put on his little wee wee for a urine sample. I hated it. Ever was such a good girl through the whole thing, I was very proud of her. We didn't have any answers yet and they were thinking of keeping him overnight. It was 10:30 and Ever was starting to lose it so I took her home for jammies and night night and my mom met us there.

When I left at 10:30 Ocean was still in bad shape. When I arrived at midnight, he was alert, happy and throwing graham crackers all over the room. I was so relieved. The fluids and ibuprofen made a big difference, then they put a full bag of antibiotics in his IV. He was watching Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad so I walked over to hug, smooch, and snuggle Hubby. Ocean put down the iPad and looked at us and said "scuze me." Ha! I guess we were only supposed to be paying attention to him.

Anywho, they found some pre-mature strain of something in his blood stream and they weren't sure if it was a virus or bacteria, but they wiped it out good. We got home at 1:30 a.m. and snuggled in bed watching Madagascar 2. He slept so good and all night. We didn't get up until 8:45 the next day and then pediatrician cleared him.

I've been trying to tell the kids if they stop going to the ER we could really do some fun things. For the $150 ER co-pay we could spend the night at Great Wolf Lodge, get a year long pass to our fave place, the Children's Edutainment Center or even a year long pass to the zoo. But if they would prefer to continue going to ER to get stuck full of needles, I guess that's what we'll be doing!

Yee haw, ride the kitty!




  1. I'm so sorry! That's rough.

    On another note though, they're adorable.

  2. So scary! Ah!

    I am glad it was nothing too serious.

  3. 104 temp is high! Sorry that had to happen, seeing your kids that sick is SO sad, but glad he is back to better :)

  4. I hope that was your last visit to the "you-better-hope-you-don't-actually-have-an-emergency-or-you're-going-to-die-soon" room for a lonnnggggg time!!


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