Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Public Tantrum

It has happened.

My kids have gotten rowdy or loud or they run around when they shouldn't be, but we have never had a full blown public tantrum before.

Before I begin, let me admit that this is partially my fault. The nuggets weren't feeling great and we should have stayed home. But it was a playdate day and I was so looking forward to it because I miss out on those things a lot as a working mama. I had also been feeling like poo after the surgery and stayed home the entire day Sunday. The kids were sleeping like crap and I knew they needed to be let free into the world to burn off some steam. So we went to the playdate against my better judgement at a very overly crowded place that has climbers, jump jumps, slides and other various play equipment.

A few times Ever had flailed and kicked her legs and let out a few tears so I knew her patience was short if I corrected her from going head first down things, climbing up things you are supposed to go down, etc. We were taking a snack break and I watched as another child was having an all out blood curdling scream tantrum and the two ladies who were sitting and talking to each other and messing on their smart phones said "oh, I would just take that child home if it were me." I was tempted to ask them if they even knew where their kids were, but decided it was not my bees wax.

Ocean said "all done" and got up to go play. Ever followed with her bag of snacks. I told her no, we do not take snacks in the play area. She told me no and kept going. I asked her to put the snacks in my hand, she yelled "no, no, no" to me and scurried up a climber. She got to the top and I told her to give mommy the snacks or mommy will take them. She said no again.

So I took the snacks.

Blood curdling scream. Flailing on the ground. Yelling "no, no, no, mine." Ocean stood above her and was shaking his head and said "oh no, oh nooo" and then decided to keep playing. I said "Ever, come see mommy, mommy will hold you, you're tired." She screamed no at me and then reached out to hit me but I was too far from her. People are watching to see what happens.

What to do? I have seen many a mom give their tantruming child lectures and gentle talking and honestly, I think that's nuts. Do people really think you can rationalize with a tantruming two year old? Obviously they do, but no, you cannot. I laugh when I see that, but it is nice that some mom's have the patience to give that a try. I could do as I have seen before and start yelling at her in public, but I would never do that either. I could scoop her up and run out of their for fear of annoying other customers, but I do have a second child who was having a great time that I didn't want to punish, even if Ever's screaming was annoying to everyone. So . . . . . . .

I had my camera around my neck. I thought it would be wise to document the first tantrum. I took some photos.




Then I laughed a little bit because the girl was determined to cause a scene. Then I walked away and pretended I didn't know her.

Yes, there were other mother's looking at me like "OMG Becky, I am going to tweet this on my smart phone, this bitch obviously didn't read Dr. So and So's book about giving lectures to your two year old."

Sure enough, about one minute after I walked away and sat with our stuff, she was up running after Ocean and playing on slides.

I survived the first public tantrum. I'm sure there is more where that came from.

Then we went to eat a huge ice cream sundae after lunch. It was fun. And the best part? I wore those kids out! They slept all night, in their own beds that night. It was glorious. I love spending time with my kiddies, even when they are attempting to own me in public.



  1. You know, I think you did an awesome job. It worked, didn't it? Sounds like you had an awesome day with the kiddos.

  2. I agree it's stumped to lecture a 2 year old throwing a tantrum I usually walk away to its the only thing you can really do and they get you don't care for their behavior!

  3. I can't recall if we've ever had a truly public tantrum. At people's houses, probably. But in public? Not yet, and since I have just the one I'd probably respond by dragging her home, ASAP. Mostly because I'd be super embarrassed!

  4. Well done you!! And the pics of her are priceless. Surely they get filed away to include in her wedding rehearsal dinner slide show :)

  5. Sounds like you handled it brilliantly! Nice job!


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