Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Going Under the Knife

I am going under the knife tomorrow! They are going to have a peek through my belly button to see if I have scar tissue, if they do see some they will burn it off and they are going to put dye through my tubes just to make sure they are still clear and clear out anything they can there too.

We did notice that my left ovary is very cysty and doesn't have great fluid flow. I always thought there was something off with it because my cycles are longer when I am due to ovulate from that side and I just get a lot of pain but not any symptoms of ovulation. During monitored cycles it never produced as well as the right one. It's kind of a bummer to know that I have a low functioning ovary and let's say we tried for 6 months, that would only really equal 3 chances for us, but it's nice to have information. That's kind of sick I know, but I think knowing is good.

On the other hand, my right ovary looks fabulous! Better than ever actually. I can honestly say in the 9,237,983 ultrasounds I have had of my ladybits I've never seen an ovary that nice. The doctor said it looks great, fully functioning, and like it is ready for ovulation. That makes me really, really happy. It's the small things! I have no idea what brought this about because I had it scanned about four months ago. The only thing difference in my life is that I have been taking CoQ10 supplements for the last few months and drinking at least one glass of antioxidant max green tea. Interesting . . . . .

I feel really good about things actually. Seeing that good ovary and getting new information is calming to me. Taking some action makes me happy. I know this is super weird, but my psychic friend emailed me too! I know that is cuckoo, but I contacted her before my first IVF because I was so crazy and I needed someone or anything to tell me yes, IVF was the best thing to do. I randomly got an email from her yesterday saying that she was "feeling" that I have been having a hard time and that it was a hard time that has plagued me and brought me down for a long time (true!). She then said that this thing is going to change and I am going to feel a peace that will be permanent. It is silly because I am not 100% convinced in psychics and Gods and things, but I won't lie, I like what she has to say! It may be false hope completely, but false hope feels a lot better than no hope at this point.

Hubby and I have come to a decision that we are both happy and content with. But I'm not telling (evil laugh)! At the end of summer you will know what we chose if I a)announce my IVF pregnancy, b) announce that we are heading on a cruise in Disney form, or c) Hubby does a guest post telling you I am in the mental institution because we did IVF and it didn't work.

In odd news:

1. I am planning the twins 2nd birthday party! Shut the front door, the twins will be two in a little over two months! We are doing it Yo Gabba Gabba style. The kids love that show, and I have to admit, it's my fave kid show too. Hubby even has a full DJ Lance Rock costume. He looks like an idiot in it so I can't wait to show you the pictures!

2. Sometimes I like to see what people Google to arrive here. One things said "fat girl with a belly button ring." What the hell Google?!?!? I know I'm pleasantly plump, but I don't even have a belly ring. Geez. Rude.

Water tables are where it's at in toddler world!





  1. Good luck tomorrow!

    And, yay for Yo Gabba Gabba birthday parties! Our twins would get along so well!!


  2. Oh - I cannot wait to see the party pics! I can't believe they are almost 2! I love this age group - always my fav to teach because kids think everything is fun and new and they are not too cool or attitudy.

    How do you get to see what people google to find you?

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. Had to share this with you... a colleague of mine who did an AMAZING Yo Gabba Gabba party!


  4. Good Luck. I am usually a silent reader but i really wish you a best of luck in the world. I did my Lap on July 2010 and was pregnant via IUI on Sep 2010. RE told me we can go to IUI but i trusted my gut feeling, i felt i need her to be checked to make sure IUI would work. Lap revealed some unclear answers and burned many things off to make a long story short.
    You will be happy with the answers.
    Looking forward reading your recovery post

  5. good luck honey. I understand where you are coming from. I find out the results from my biopsy tomorrow, and we are discussing the next step. I may not be far behind you in the surgery dept. Let's pray he gets it all clear and that you are knocked up soon!!!! good luck! xoxo julia

  6. Great news on that right ovary! I hope the good news carries over into today too! Good luck! We'll be in suspense for a while! My vote is that the right ovary gives you an amazing eggo and you get pregnant and go on the Disney cruise. :)

  7. Good luck today!! I hope it goes smoothly, and you are feeling fine soon. And yay right ovary - pup out those good eggs!

    Love the YGG bday theme - that will be so fun. My 4 year old niece loves that show too, she has all the dolls and dressed up as Foofa for Halloween.

  8. Well, let's just hope that you don't go with option c! Congrats on the good news! (P.S. I would absolutely crack up if I saw my hubby in a DJ Lance costume!)

  9. Hah! I'm not the only one! My girls turn two in May and I've already started planning and pinning to get ready for their party.

  10. Sounds like exciting times for you and yours! Good luck, whatever happens :)


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