Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Days in Heaven

I took ten days off at the holiday's. I only usually take a long weekend or as of late, we have had so much sickness that I am off for that. Otherwise, it's two days a week.

Ten straight days was a big deal. I haven't been with them that long since they were only 10 weeks old. They are about to turn two!

I absolutely loved it. It was amazing! Watching all the little things they do is the best. We did lots and lots of snuggles. While we were together they slept better and weren't so whiney like they sometimes get in the evening, which is probably because they missed Mommy and Daddy so much that they just want to be held all evening. Hello Mommy Guilt. Being available to them all the time was so relaxing.

I think those ten days with Oshy and Ever really built up my patience too, with all the things we have going on. Working full time, hubby is also in school almost full time, trying to be with the twins as often as possible, trying to take care of myself, family building, etc. Hubby had to go out of town last minute for work, which normally stresses me out, but we did fine. One night my grandparents helped and one night it was just us. I even had to unexpectedly be to work an hour and a half early and it was no big deal! That is strange. We got ready quickly, had snuggles and loves, no one was stressed, even though they only had mommy to depend on day and night.

It made me come to two conclusions:

1. I can handle more than I think I can and things generally turn out okay. I always think I"m failing, when in fact, things aren't so bad. Me not immediately stressing turned out great for everyone, hubby and the twins especially.

2. It also made me reprioritize some things. One thing I can't discuss at this time as it is work related and undetermined. The other is that I put some effort into getting organized. I have not been trying to squeeze in as much sleep as possible for the last week, but instead getting up by 6:30 a.m. so I have a good 45 minutes to really prepare myself for the day before the twins wake up. That might be a no brainer, but I just figured it out! I purchased a dry erase calendar for the fridge and hubby and I went through the month writing down what we know will happen and getting ourselves figured out. I even planned a week's worth of meals, that, wait for it . . . . will be cooked at home! That's a big deal. Friday night when we were driving and saw a restaurant out the window of the car the twins would say "dinner! dinner!" Yeah, not good . . . .

Those ten days made a big difference! I am going to save up my vacation and try to do that more often, instead of taking a little time here and there. If we decide to not proceed with the fresh IVF, we have looked into taking a Disney cruise at the end of summer. We love cruising and think it would be fun to take the nuggets.

Hubby said how much the last week has been so enjoyable and he likes the new, organized Ashley. Cross your fingers that it lasts . . . . .

Eye rolling caught in the act!

xmas 2011 024

Ever was sleeping, so Osh and I went exploring togther in the woods!

xmas 2011 035

xmas 2011 028


  1. Where did his shoes go?

    He is so freakin cute. For real.

    I admire your efforts to get organized, and dinner at home? Wow. Big stuff going on there!!

  2. Love me some baby toes!!! Sounds like some great, simple tips to kick off 2012, too!!!

    My kids are the same way... they beg to go to a "resternaut". If I say we are eating at home, Carl acts offended, "You want me to eat food that makes me sad?" (I actually punished him last week... his punishment was he only got served the food I cooked for dinner! Chicken/broccoli/stuffing casserole. Horrors! he had to eat chicken! Cooked my me! But, I will say, he was much better behaved yesterday when I mentioned I was cooking chili. He got to have crumbled hamburg...phew. LOL)

  3. So glad you had a great ten days! That had to be amazing! It must feel so refreshing to be organized. Go Ashley! and PS - Ocean is one of the cutest boys ever! :D

  4. I absolutely feel you there! As a working mama myself, this year's vacay days were all used traveling to family events and so I felt like I got almost no time off and no super sweet Babby time. 2012 will go differently, I hope!


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