Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Random Sunday

1. My babies just turned 15 months old on Friday. It's going so fast I can't believe it! Ever can say so many words it's crazy. Unfortunately one of them is boobies but still, I'm proud. Ocean is finally feeling better and man is he adorable. Can't get enough of these two goofballs these days . . .

2. I am by far the worst eater ever. I eat like total dog poo. I want to stop but I just can't! I'm going to try to cook this week. I always plan to cook but then the morning happens and then the work day happens and then I'm too tired. I felt so good a month ago when I cleansed and ate cleaner and I totally ruined it.

3. Michele Bachmann. What an idiot. If you are a long time reader you know how I feel about gay rights so obviously this woman is going to rub me the wrong way (if you are not a long time reader then I believe that gay people deserve all the same rights as the rest of us have, I know, weird right? People having equal rights in America in the year 2011?). I would love to see a really stand up, well educated bad ass woman president. Wouldn't that be awesome? It doesn't appear to be a possibility currently. I cannot believe that anyone would be okay with someone who refers to gay people as barbarians!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???

4. Hubby and I are having marital issues. Serious ones. It's hard. But in an effort to help things (again) I agreed to go see Harry Potter with him. It wasn't terrible, but I wish we could have seen Horrible Bosses or something like that. The new agreeable me though is going to bend on somethings and be supportive of hubby's enjoyments. Also, he and the children were upstairs for a long time and they came down and he had painted Ever's toe nails. Seriously, how can you not like a guy that will paint his one year olds toe nails?

5. Would you like to know how lazy I am? The thank you cards from the twins one year birthday are sitting right here on the desk, all written out and ready to go. They have been for month. I just haven't gone to the post office. Naughty.

6. My new addiction: McDonald's coffee. I love the Caramel Frappe and the way I roll is to go between 2-5 for happy hour so I get a medium Caramel Frappe AND . . . you also get a free Redbox movie. For $1.97 with tax a treat and movie?? It's a poor mama's dream (you just have to find a time when it's quiet and you are not so tired that you can actually stay awake for said movie).

7. This must be about the time that normal, fully functioning reproductive women have their 2nd child because I feel like I am getting asked a lot if we are going to do this again. The answer is no, but in other reproductive news I probably have endometriosis. PCOS and endometriosis. Sounds like fun. Not.

I should be cleaning my house right now, but instead I will show you pictures of my muffins . . .

15 month 003

15 month 004

15 month 009

15 month 024


  1. LOVE the pictures! So adorable! I totally hear ya on the crappy eating habits, I love me some chik fil a! I have lots of recipes planned, but when it comes time to make it, I'm to tired! I need a personal chef...... And money.

  2. LOVE that tutu! And Oshy is looking pretty darn dapper! Thinking of you and hope life gets easier!

  3. Ugh, I am so sorry about the endometriosis and the marital issues. I hope your efforts on the homefront pay off (and that you're not the only one making an effort).

  4. Ok, I am a total loser, but how the heck did those pictures turn out so freakin colorful? I love how pink the pink looks! Oh my. Seriously.

    Oh, and fuck Bachman and endo. Yeah, I swore. :)

  5. Oh, that Oshy face is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love taking pictures of my boy being angry or when he makes his squooshed-up crying/whiny face. It sounds twisted, but seriously, that face is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! I can't even be mad or annoyed at the crying/whining bc I am laughing so hard at the cuteness of the face!

    Oh, and I agree re: Bachman. Freaking idiot. What makes me sad and scares me is that there are enough people to keep electing her. WTF???


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