Monday, July 18, 2011

Nanny Quest 2011

I have mostly decided on going with a nanny. I just think it is what is best for our family at this time and we can re-evaluate the need for daycare/preschool at age 3. I did say mostly though, so I am giving myself until Friday to decide.

I have only interviewed two so far and I like them both and it's hard to choose. BUT-I received so many responses from our ad that it is unbelievable. I had an amazingly easy time narrowing it down though.

1. People who used text speak (what r ur babies namz?)-DELETE!!

2. People who can't spell - DELETE!!

3. People who automatically only ask about the money - DELETE!!

4. The person who responded like this - "I have experience with children because I have two. But are your babies well behaved? Kids are so crazy and bad these days and I just can't handle it because parents have no boundaries." - DELETE!! And pick my jaw up off the floor.

5. People who overshare and tell me that they like yoga and they aren't a drunk they just like to have a beer with their friends every now and then - DELETE!!

I narrowed it down to three to interview and a few on the backburner. It's kind of scary! Ever liked both of them, but Ocean just likes Mommy and Daddy. Can't blame him, we are the best. I feel like a tool big time in the interviews. I don't know what to ask, which is embarassing considering I interview people to work with children for a living. It's just different when it's your own kids (and most interview questions are so lame "what would your supervisor say about you?" "Name three strengths you have" "where do you see yourself in five years?"blah blah blah).

Who know what will happen? I'm kind of just trying to make it through to the next day these days, by Friday everything could be different. Hopefully because I won the lottery.




  1. So glad you are "mostly" deciding to go with a nanny! Some of those questions are silly. Make sure to go over expectations with the nanny during the interviews too - if you want her to do light housework - make sure you state that. It's next to impossible to try and add that into her duties later, especially without a decent increase in pay. If it's expected from the get go though, well, there's no arguing about that. Make sure you also discuss expectations with boyfriends (can not come over during work, or whatever) or other things that are okay or not okay. SO excited you might be getting a nanny! We have had a nanny since the girls were born and I LOVE her! I don't know what we would do without her. She loves the girls and the girls love her - she's almost too perfect =). Happy nanny hunting!!

  2. oh yeah! I used to be so nervous during the interview process. Ever and Ocean are going to love their new BFF!

  3. I'm sure you already know this, but as a former Nanny, I have a few little recommendations.

    1) DON'T ask them to do housework, too.
    And I don't mean cleaning up the kids stuff and dishes- that is to be expected (The house should look the same as when you left... and if you don't ask too much a GOOD nanny will do extra. Like the dinner dishes you forgot, lol.). Maybe, mayyybbeee a load of kids clothes, but make sure you lay that out ahead of time, too. A lot of people expect Nannies to clean while the kids are napping (as if that always happens!)... but that's when we get a moment to eat, and maybe make a few calls. Everyone deserves a little break. And frankly, I have not desire to fold your undies. Awkward, lol.

    2) Tell them they get off work at THE LATEST TIME YOU COULD POSSIBLY BE HOME. Then if they get out before, fabulous. I cannot tell you how many times my old boss got 'stuck in traffic' (3 days a weekish? yeah). That's fine- it happens, but if you're hoping to be home by 4:30, say 5... then you'll be giving the Nanny a little 'bonus' time when you do make 430.

    And a happy Nanny is a Nanny that does extra for you and your kids (like those dishes I brought up, or staying late in an emergency- often without asking for compensation... she did get all that bonus time, after all), as opposed to one that does her job )probably quite well, but...)and nothing else.

    Most importantly- pick someone you like as a person! It's easier to approach someone you get along with with any issues that arise than it is someone with the immaculate resume and the personality of a doorknob...

    Hope some of that helps!

  4. I'm glad you have made a decision quickly. This way, you can find someone and get those monkeys healthy soon. T Lee has a lot of good no-nonsense ideas. Especially finding someone you click with. Even in a day care search, you need to feel that bond with the infant teacher. It's a balance of qualifications and intuition.

    Be sure you lay everything out in the contract. Just be sure that you have everything expected (sick time... if she has kids and they are sick, will she bring them to your house to infect your kids? or will she want the day off? Vacation time, holidays, pay rate, daily expectations/schedule, etc)

    Wish you were here... a know a great nanny who is looking for a new family because the kids she had been with for years just moved away. Bummer.

  5. Oh -and almost didn't recognize Ever without any lingerie! Love Ocean with the colorful sock monkey. What a grin!!!

  6. i haven't posted in forever (my little baby K is almost 9 months now - yikes!). anyhow, i still read and love your blog and hearing about you and your monkeys. i think it's awesome you decided to go the nanny route. i would definitely do that if we had twins. best of luck finding a nanny you like and can trust!

  7. I love the idea of a nanny. If my mom couldn't have kept Davie, I definitely would've wanted a nanny. There are just so many kids in daycare, I just couldn't see her getting her needs met there.

  8. I've been meaning to comment from before that I vote for a Nanny, but obviously I haven't... biggest reason is your blog is not allowing me to comment it keeps making me sign in and it works then it doesn't... anyway I gave up now and I'm commenting with Name/URL option.

    If its possible I would so chose the nanny option, the babies getting sick so often at the daycare and having Oshy cry to be held broke my heart, no bueno! Good luck on the final decision, and if you do go with that I hope you find someone amazing! Your babie's pics put a smile to my face all the time!

    Oh, and on another topic (going back to a few previous posts) a clean house? What is that? I feel you on so many levels! lol


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