Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let me tell you about my day . . . . .

Yesterday I got up early, mostly because two stinkin' babies were up early too. I had to pack for our big trip because I am a procrastinator.

Then I went to work and took a lot of kids to a baseball game and it was hotter than hell.

I came home and showered and finished packing.

I snuggled babies.

We had to get some Tylenol at Walgreens.

We had to drop off a daycare payment.

We went to the airport and looked like fools dragging strollers, carseats, babies, luggage and diaper bags frantically through the place.

We fed the babies a sub because that's all they had available where we were in the airport. Ever was not impressed.

We rode in a plane from Kansas City to Chicago. The plane landed after an hour and 20 minutes and the babies were pretty good for the flight. We got held up waiting for a parking spot so we let the babies run in the aisles until a flight attendant told us "no, no!" Ooops. Ocean tried to grab a guys bald head much to the amusement of the man sitting next to me. I am always lucky to be sitting by people who are nice to my babies instead of jerks about having to sit next to kids.

We ran around the Chicago airport. We ate Auntie Ann's pretzels. Ocean pushed the stroller around. We saw some other twins that Ocean and Ever looked at but weren't that interested in because they weren't on the same cuteness level, oops, I mean they are too young to really care. We got on jammies for the next flight.

We boarded after 9:00 and got to sit in a better class of seat so we got to sit together and the babies fell asleep and slept the whole time. Travel at bedtime= GENIUS PLAN. We are not so lucky on the way home.

We got picked up by Grandma and Grampa just after midnight. Wow! It wasn't that bad though for being a REALLY long day.

It's vaca time baby. I need this time off like the desert needs rain.

I have no photos for you because I am not nearly organized enough to upload ahead of time, but don't you worry friends, I will hit you up with TONS of photos from this weekend. Not of me because I will be in a swimsuit on several occasions, just of my lovelies.


  1. yeah to Vacay! Enjoy your time off!

  2. Have a great trip! Glad your flight went smooth! :)

  3. You are SuperMom! Hope your holiday weekend with the folks is wonderful!

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