Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just What I Needed

First-I will say happy father's day to my hubs, my Dad, my Papa and my Poppy! I'm a lucky gal and in turn, the babies are lucky babies to have a long line of great daddies around! Love you!

Second- We just took a mini-weekend trip to the lake with Mike's mom. Since the whole daycare thing I have been stressed. Moving the babies through the house in the morning before I have a long workday (summer is my busy time) is hard. Especially when they really don't know what's going on because they have been home for the last 13 months with their lovely grandma. I had NO idea how hard this would be.

Friday was the first day that the babies did not cry when I dropped them off which was a huge relief. They were also happy on Thursday night. They have been sleeping like crap and they have already caught some little yucky virus from the daycare. I have just felt so down about the whole thing, which has also made me disappointed in myself for not being able to be with them all day or to be able to afford this more comfortably so that it's not so financially stressful or for not being the person who does all these things with a smile on her face while looking at all the positives (which there are). Stressed out mama's also equals unhappy daddy's.

The non crying drop off was great. Followed by me getting off early and walking them home form the daycare and playing. Then we went out of town.

My monkey's love water. We had NO plans so they had 100% of our attention, which they also love. Ever hit the water as soon as she saw it. It was so adorable to see them in their swim suits splashing and playing. They were also adorable digging in the sand. We took them on a bridge where they could watch boats drive by and they climbed right up fearlessly. We ate a ton of food. We went for a walk and found a fence with eight Chihuahua's in it, which the babies thought was super awesome. There were two double beds at the cabin so we each got a baby and went to bed. I got in bed with Ever at 8:30!






Today we went swimming in a pool and they ran all over the place inside the friend's house. They ate fresh fish caught from the lake. We drove home and then again had to eat and I laughed as I watched Ocean hitting on the waitress because he loves the ladies (and he's such a handsome devil I know it's going to be trouble someday). Ever is a nosey knob and it was so funny watching her people watch.

I was just so proud after this time we spent. I am going to try harder to take a moment and realize we will all be okay. We just need some time to adjust and we will find our new groove, just like we did in the newborn days when we had to figure out how to all function together (that took 6 months though so lets cross our digits it doesn't take that long this time).

Aaaaahhhh . . . . I needed that. We all did.



  1. It sounds like you had a much needed amazing family weekend. You deserve it!!!

  2. I'm so glad you had such a great trip! What a blessing!

    I'm so sorry day care has been so hard! I'm finding it hard enough just leaving Davie with my mom. I feel so guilty! If I had made better financial choices when I was younger, maybe I'd be able to stay home with her now, you know? I can really beat myself up about it. It's hard. I feel your pain.

  3. Sounds like a perfect summer getaway!!!! You are brave to bring your camera ot the beach. :-)

  4. Wonderful!!! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend away and that it was exactly what you needed. Ocean and Ever are just too cute for words and I LOVE all of the pics of them playing!!!


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