Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chit Chat

I am bopping around to music in the car . . . .

Husband: "Is this Justin Bieber?" with a disgusted look on his face
Me: "NO! Of course not. It's Jonas Brothers"
Husband: "You are really embarassing."

The monkeys go to a Christian daycare, although they are not Christians. Last week was Bible week.

Me: "Honey, why did the kids color a picture of Jesus in a whale?"
Husband: "It's Jonah and the whale."
Me: "What? I've never heard of that. Like Moby Dick or something?"
Husband: "No, it's from the Bible."
Me: "Really?"
Husband: "That's what the daycare said. I don't know."
Me: "Well, it's cute anyway."

Long term sleep deprivation has made our conversations incredibly boring and short. These two examples are as deep as it gets around here. After this small blips of convo, there is usually nothing but baby talk. Sad!


On the other hand, Ever and I are having great conversations!


Ever was sitting on the steps holding her hands out to me.
Me: "You want me to get you Peanut?"
Ever: "Aww, mama."
Me: "You are so funny Peanut."
Ever: "Yeah."

Me: "Ever, you want some brownie?"
Ever: "Oh yeah."
Me: "Is it good punkin?"
Ever: "Num num num num."


Ocean doesn't say anything yet, but he can follow directions which is pretty sweet. I asked him to put the dog away so we could go bye bye and he ran to the dog kennel and locked up the dog! Ever was crying so I told him to give her a drink so he took the cup to her and put it in her mouth then patted her head. He also takes his own diapers to the trash.


Babies are cool and all, but toddlers are awesome!

**On a side note, I have really been trying to comment on your blogs and there is something wrong! When I go to my blog to click on yours it logs me out of google so I can't comment. Then I try to make and anonymous comment and then it asks me 1,000 times to log in first to google. WTH? If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know!**


  1. I had this issue last week. You have to uncheck the box at Google log-in that says Keep Me Signed In or whatever. You have to sign in every time you want to check your Gmail (if you have it) but it should work for commenting on blogs. E-mail me if that wasn't clear. :)

  2. Apparently clearing your cookies works too, but I'm afraid to lose saved passwords and stuff!

  3. Oh my goodness - too cute!! I LOVE Ever's dress - its darling:) I can't wait until Addie hits the age she can start responding to me:)

  4. I had that problem too but now it is better and i didn't do what the others above said, it just is better. Also, your blog kept asking me to sign in to some kind of server (named something like mouse-something or cheese-something. i don't remember!). It was weird!

  5. Those pictures are the cutest!!! I agree babies are nice but toddlers is much more fun. My husband and I have the same problem with conversation. I think we forgot how to talk about anything other then our kids. Lol!

  6. I had the same issue the other Jill mentioned on your site, but it has stopped.

    I miss babies. Actually, I love toddlers, too... because everything is so new to them and so much fun to explore and discover! But toddlers turn into 3 yr olds... and 3 yr olds are amazingly trying (being polite)! In my years of teaching, I hated 3 yr old classes... gimme babies & young toddlers. Sure enough, my own kids were the same way. Age 3 kicked in at about 2.5 yrs old, though and lasted until turning 4. 4 immediately got much better as the twins played together so well. And now, age 5 is really fun, too! If you can survive age 3, you're safe for a while! xoxox

    The shot of Ocean running so far ahead really takes me back. Carl was a runner. He still never ever sits still. He can't even sit and watch a 30 minute kids' show on TV. We've been going to the $1 movies with our friends each week adn it is so hard for him... popcorn holds him in his seat, but even the large tub doesn't last him 90 minutes. LOL

  7. What great conversationalists toddlers are! Who knew! :) I've been hoping Davie would stay a sweet baby forever, but you've got me all excited about toddler-hood now. I love Ever's adorable little flower sandals!

  8. Yep, agree with the poster who said you have to uncheck the box that says "stay signed in".

    Cute babies as always :).


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