Sunday, June 26, 2011


If you think this is going to be one of those cutesy posts where I name off all the goofy things I do (like singing in public, using ridiculous voices when talking to my kids, slapping strangers for touching them, letting the twins pull all the shoes off the displays at DSW, letting the kids eat off the table at restaurants) and then say "yeah, I'm THAT mom," it's not one of those.

Even though I am that mom, which I never thought I'd be, this actually a post dripping with shame.

Last week I was THAT mom. The one who has sick babies but pawns her kids off on someone else so I could go to work.

I NEVER thought I'd be that mom. I had so much to do last week and I was already buried. I knew if I missed I would get behind and people would complain and it would be a downhill spiral. I also had an event that I had helped plan that ran for two days and I didn't want to look like the slacker a-hole that didn't show up.

So instead of letting my coworkers and customers think I am an a-hole, I found it perfectly acceptable to have my own children think of me as an a-hole. They were with my grandparents and I'm sure they didn't mind because my grandparent's are great people to be with, but when I picked up the kiddies from daycare on Friday (my grandparents dropped them off there) and took them home and I was so exhausted and they were oozing snot I felt so icky inside. Like the crappiest mom ever.

I tried to tell myself that the only reason I could take them to the doctor is because I have a job. The only reason I could go pick up their meds is because I have a job. But it didn't help. I still felt like crap.

I look at them and I truly don't think that they care, but I feel like I should have been in bed with them, wiping their noses and giving them Tylenol and rocking them when they were crying.

Yesterday we spent all day together. Every single minute. I did what any crappy mom would do and made up for my suckiness on the two days last week I worked instead of staying home with them and bought their affection at McDonald's. We ate treats and then climbed to the very top of the play area. We went to the park. We snuggled all day. Hopefully they will forgive me and hopefully next time I will choose to stay home with them instead.

The babies in their new big kid car seats! They love them! They only have them in hubby's car because we dont' go in that car often so they are still rear facing in mine since that's the new standard, but I think we will replace my car seats pretty soon too.



A little blog love . . . .

If you have to make lunches for you kiddos ever, this is the coolest website! Ocean and Ever have to pack a lunch about once a week and I haven't been out to find these sweet boxes yet but I did pick up something kind of like it at Walmart. The babies love eating out of the box, especially when all their little friends are eating off of paper plates.

If you are currently preggo and still want to look good (and on a budget) this lady looks so adorable all the time! I would actually wear most of the stuff not pregnant and I am super nosey so I love to see where people shop. If you are reproductively challenged like myself, she is pregnant as a warning, but I will tell you she is not obnoxious in anyway and it is a really fun read. ;) It's my personal goal to start dressing better on a regular basis now that I am dropping some lbs, but as you may remember, I'm not that motivated. I want to learn how to be a good thrift shop buyer too, but again, motivation is an issue.

**These people didn't ask me to do this, I just wanted to because I love finding new blogs and thought you might too**


  1. Poor monkeys!! I hope everyone is feeling a lot better this week. Summer colds suck!

    I hate making lunches and I am trying to push buying lunch in kindergarten as "eating in a restaurant" but I suspect my fussy eaters aren't going to go for that. and you saw how well soup went over. I'll have to check out the lunch site for some new ideas... thanks!

  2. I love knockedupfabulous, but damn if I can even think ab out fashion here when it's 95 plus degrees every day. I'm pretty much living in a tank top and loose pants sans jewerly (it sticks to my sweaty everything!)

    You are hard on yourself, and that's what makes you such a great mom. Those two nuggets of yours totally know that. Look how adorable they both are? and sick and looking cute? I admire you, I really do.

  3. A crappy mom wouldn't feel bad about it, try to make up for it, but would be glad she had a way to get out of dealing with the sick babies. So don't be too hard on yourself! :)

  4. O&E know how much you love them, hun. And Grandma took good care of them, so you could do what you needed to do. Give them extra hugs and try not to feel badly!

  5. Do not feel bad I have done the same thing. Sometimes you just cannot miss work and luckily I have family that understands that.

  6. I know I will feel just like you did! I already feel bad enough going back to work, I know it will be awful when she gets sick. But we gotta do what we gotta do! And I think you're right, they don't care, especially when they're being spoiled by the grandparents!


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