Monday, June 6, 2011


Today was the first day of daycare.

Last Friday we went in for a preview. I wanted to spend an hour with them so that they knew that Mommy likes daycare and it's an okay place to be.

Well . . . . we went outside with the class first and some yucky little kid was all over the babies and they didn't like it. Especially Ever. And you just don't mess with Peanut. By the time the babies warmed up to the idea it was time to go in so they were not really cool with that. We got inside and the yucky little kid was all over us again. The babies did NOT like another baby trying to get in my lap. Miss J informed me that she was going to be gone for 10 days then back for a few then gone again. Although I realize people have a life, I was a little disheartened to find out they wouldn't really actually have their teacher on a consistent basis until the end of this month. Between the little yucky kid, the teacher being gone and the twins looking obviously apprehensive about the whole thing I had a crappy feeling all weekend.

This morning we got up and actually got ready and out the door with very little drama. It was good and I needed that. We got to daycare and they got out of the car and walked up to the door. We went in and they looked around. Ocean was interested in the PBS program on TV, but Ever knew what was happening and she was not happy. Miss J came up to her and said good morning and she immediately cried and Ocean clung to me.


My blood pressure started to rise and the little yucky kid came up poking at the kids so my heart just sank and I figured this was a terrible choice. All the littles went into their classroom and we followed. Surprisingly, they went up and starting playing with things. I almost laughed when Ever got sight of the little mean baby and she gave him a dirty look and backed up. That girl is a genius I tell you! She did not forget him, even after the weekend was over. I felt TERRIBLE that I was leaving my child with another child that she clearly disliked and with a teacher who was going to be MIA for a few weeks.

The babies got into a few things and Miss J gave us the good news that little mean baby was moving to a new class everyday just 20 minutes after the twinks arrive so they don't have to be around him too much. I went out to the car to grab their little animals that have blankies inside them for nap that Grandma and Grampa Grampa gave to them before my mom went back home. They were playing well so I gave them kisses and backed out. Ocean came charging towards the door crying.

I went to car and headed to work. I cried multiple times and called my mom.

Like an annoying parent I called the daycare to go check on them. The director said they were doing well. Hubby called and said they had a great day. They took a nap for two hours. They ate all their food. They used crayons for the first time. They were not traumatized when Hubby picked them up.

Whew. I am so relieved. I think this will be okay.

And it will begin all over again tomorrow . . . . . . . .



  1. Each day will get a little easier. I'm glad the first day went so well.

  2. Sorry it was a rough day. I'm sure it will get easier!

  3. :( I'm sorry it was a rough first day, but sounds like it was harder for mommy than twinks, so that's good news! They will learn to love it.

  4. It'll take a couple weeks, but in no time - those twins will OWN the place! (not sure I like the idea of TV on in the morning.... but....)

    They've also got each otehr which is a really nice treat for a child just starting daycare. (or kindergarten... mine are so excited to be able to be in class together for the first time in 3 years)

    You can do this!!! So can they!!! xoxox

  5. Hope daycare is still going well! Thinking of you guys :-)

  6. Aargh, it had to be so hard! I know it sucks. It was impossibly hard to leave Davie with my own mom, much less at daycare! I cried all the first week, too!
    Next week mom is going to be out of town so I'll be taking Davie to daycare for the first time. It's only for one day, but I'm dreading it!
    I'm hoping it gets easier for both of us - and for the babies!


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