Monday, June 13, 2011


Sorry friends, I've been MIA for awhile. First I was experiencing trauma from the daycare/working situation which was exhausting me. Last Thursday I cried myself to sleep at 7:30 p.m. I know that isn't really helpful to the situation but it felt like all I could do.

Then my internet got turned off. Not because I'm an a-hole, but because I can't pay it online like everything else I have to call it in and I forgot. For three months. Whoops. But the cool thing is that they didn't charge me late fees and signed me up for a cheaper program since we were chatting anyway! Isn't that nice? Go AT&T.

My Oshy boo got an ear infection too. Yep. Some of that crying was not emotional trauma, but pain. That made me feel like crap too, but it did afford Osh and I a nice afternoon of eating an Icee together and getting just mommy and son snuggles. We can only have one more ear infection before tubes so I am hoping we don't have to do that, but I know it's not a big deal if it must be done. I'm still not gonna like it.

Ever is now the queen of daycare. She is ridiculous. I love that girl and she will surely give hubby and I a run for our money. She is saying lots of words and it is hilarious!

I lost 7 lbs so that is cool, but I'm pretty hungry and would LOVE a diet coke, but I shall not have it, no I shall not!

What does one do when they have no internet? It's unimaginable. I spent the whole weekend watching True Blood Season 3. I LOVE that show big time. I had a parent fail moment when my kids starting dancing to the theme song. Most kids go to school singing sweet songs, like ABC's or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and mine will be singing the dirty sex song from True Blood. Bad mommy.


This weekend was very low key. We haven't had a weekend like that in a long time. We just hung out. Bought groceries. Watched True Blood. Cooked food. That's it. It was nice.

My sweet boy looking sweet. I love this snugglebug.

Ever roaring. She's crazy.

Today was a much better day on the daycare front. Much better. I expect to be wiped out by Wednesday, but at least we started the week better. As soon as I grabbed my keys at daycare Ocean wrapped his arms around me and started crying. I hate it! Ever, Queen of Daycare, was just fine.

That's it! Nothing exciting to report!

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  1. So sorry to hear of his ear infection - but it is good to know some of the crying wasn't just adjustment to his new surroundings. I have seen many kids get tubes and they are like a miracle cure for infections. Like you said, don't want to volunteer to do it, but if it's needed, it should help immensely!

    Hang in there!!! Glad to hear 50% of them are lovin' it! I am a big fan of early childhood done right! I think it is good for all involved!


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