Saturday, December 11, 2010

Totally Random

- Everyone is starting to feel better. Praise. I have now had two good nights of sleep in almost two weeks.

- Even with two kids now and no sleep, I am by some miracle more organized than usual. Weird! I am almost done holiday shopping and it's not the day before Christmas!

- Ever is a freak. She is wild. Many moons ago when I worked in an infant room I have never experienced an infant like this. I am sadly in love with it. Hubby said it won't be funny in a few years, but I'm pretty sure I am going to think of it as equally as funny as I do now. My little Oshy is such a lover and a sweet boy and people just ooh and aah over him. And then there's little crazy. I am feeling so in love with them these days. Maybe it's the holidays or more sleep or something, but it's like extra amazing love. I'm a total loser right now because it's making me tear up just thinking about how much I love them.

- One of my staff at work said that they are approaching their 21st birthday. I told her in a few months I will be 27. And two of them said at the same time "that's it?" WHAT!!!???? I'm getting botox.

- I have recently begun eating healthier and exercising. This week I have done 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, my 12 minute DVD (which is way harder than 30 minutes of cardio) and a Kickboxing class. I expected it to be basically aerobics. No. I wore boxing gloves and a Marine was telling me how to punch, kick and protect my head when someone was fighting me. No one is going to fight me. I don't punch by the way, I bitch slap. In my mind because I actually don't do that either. It was a great workout! I have even lost one pound this week even though I screwed up in the most heavenly way by eating a cheeseburger and candy cane/peppermint/ oreo ice cream cup. Yummy!

- Ocean is kicking life's ass. Let me highlight all of the developments in just a week:

1. Feeding himself (Ever can do this too)


2. Drinking from a sippy (Ever cannot do this)


3. Crawling (Ever can't do this as well, she is too busy being crazy)


Ever is best at being naked. We are going through a terrible phase with her throwing tantrums while getting changed. If it wasn't 28 degrees here and getting colder I would just let her be in a diaper 24/7.


Isn't she so stinkin' cute?

-On a side note regarding the last post, destroying the embryo is not an option either for us because I'm not comfortable with it. We will either use it or donate it, those are the two options for us, just FYI.

- Our hard drive crashed. Nope, we were not smart enough to back it up, so ALL of our pictures for the last 8 years are gone. Gone until we come up with the $500 needed to get them off. Oy! It's always something!

- It's almost the holiday! I CANNOT wait. I am debating whether to go see Santa next weekend or not. In two and a half weeks I will have FOUR straight days off from work. YES!!!!


  1. I can see why you are loving them so much...seriously, the cutest faces ever!!!

  2. They are stinkin' cute. Glad they're feeling better. That picture of Ever with the fry and rash just made me pout for her. Yikes about the hard drive. For the future, invest in an external hard drive. It's really easy to back up to and you can get a decent sized one for not too much $$. Certainly less than $500. But thank goodness you can get the pics back, even though it totally sucks it costs so much. :(

  3. Love the new pics!! Kind of giggling at the (Ever can do this, can't do this... lines. Even us twin moms can't help compare the kiddos) Glad they are feeling better! Go see Santa! You'll want the pics later on! (even if they are crying)

    I totally agree with the other Jill. Get an external that backs up automatically. After grabbing my kids & cats, in a fire or hurricane - I am grabbing the external drive on my way out the door!

  4. Sorry to hear about your pics! Booo! I love that onesie on Ocean with the stripes!


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