Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm A Creepy Psychic

When Oshy and Ever were in the womb, Ocean was so active. In our 4D u/s, Ever's face was so sweet and serene and Ocean had a goofy smile on his face.

One day I had a vision. Totally random. It just hit me. Not a dream, but a vision while I was awake.

Ocean and Ever were probably 3. They were sitting at the table eating. Ever was acting so silly and crazy and Ocean said "Mommy, what is wrong with her?"

First, I thought a call to the therapist might be in order because why am I having random visions in the middle of the day? Second, it just wasn't what I felt was going to be true. It just seemed to me like Oshy would be the livewire and Ever would be calm and collected.

Well . . . . . the vision was totally TRUE!! Ever is a hand full. EXTRA full! Oshy is such a sweet snuggle lover. For the first 6 weeks, Ocean was more animated and Ever was sweet and quiet so I thought my feelings were going to be true. But it has all changed!

The babies are people now. They have personalities. I love it, but at the same time, I feel like they should still be little tiny babies just wanting snuggles and food! But they do stuff now. Like play together, communicate (in their own way), get around the living room, eat food, and all kinds of stuff that amazes me for some reason.

Here is what typically happens . . . . . .

Ocean has a bottle and Ever wants it. So she takes it, and it excites her.
He decides he is going to take her clicker (remote, for those of you that use that word) just to get even.
Osh decides that the clicker isn't that cool and takes the jingle bell. Then they both smile for the camera because they just realized that is what they are supposed to do.
Then me, the nerdy mommy, thinks it's so cool, takes a ton of pictures, and then posts on Facebook how the huge milestone of fighting while my cool friends who don't have kids probably think I need to get a life.

But I have one!! Such a fun one.

Cross your fingers that I get a vision of winning lottery numbers sometime this week so I can take all of you, my faithful readers, to Hawaii, PERMANENTLY!! Woo woo!

Speaking of escaping, I have been reading some cool blogs lately. I will always be bonded to my infertility community, but sometimes infertility talk (treatments, pregnancy) gives me the yuckies in my stomach (PTSD maybe, I don't know, I'm not a therapist) I have been also entertaining myself with a balance of infertility/parenting after infertility with new "other" stuff.

The Daybook - the blog author is so cute and she is a little fashionista. I love the outfits that she puts together and posts and she also says where she got them and it is usually cheap which is great for me because I'm poor!

The Lowe Family News - the blog author has a lot of kids and a HIGH-larious sense of humor. The blog header is enough to get you cracking up but the rest is even better.

Enjoying the Small Things - the most beautiful blog, especially the photography. It is amazing! Click on the "Start Here if You're New" tab for her daughter's birth story. It is so real and raw and stunning. Don't forget the tissues! Since I am one of nearly 9,000 (!!!!!!!!!) followers, you've probably heard of it before.

Have fun!


  1. Ashy,
    I've been creepily lurking on your "liked" blogs. I am also enjoying The Daybook. I will never be that young or cute or blond or put together, but it's fun to read.

    Kiddos are KNOCKOUTS. Just wait until E is two. She will kill you. (Just kidding, I may be projecting)

  2. The fighting must be cute! In the future you will probably have to dole out "time outs" (or whatever you'll use) while hiding laughs. :) I love Enjoying the Small Things. Although her beautiful pics and seemingly effortless projects, decor, cooking and whatnot make me feel inadequate.

  3. Love the shirts!!!!

    Mine didn't take each other's toys. It was ALL onesided. Gretchen took every single thing Carl ever picked up. Eventually, he learned to divert her. You could watch him set down his toy and pick up another while waiting for her to come steal it. Then, he'd go back to his originally wanted toy. I have pics of them at 4 months old and she is leaning over to steal his toys! And, he is my sweet boy - he gave her everything she wanted. Never fought back.


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