Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dirty Mouth? Clean It Up!

Big things are happening around my house, which we will get to later, and they have made me start thinking I need to get a little more mom-like.

Have you noticed I've been cursing less? I still drop an h-bomb every now and then, but as I told my mother as a child, "what, they say it in church?" (karma again) I also say the sh-word on occasion, but they are limited. At least quite a bit more limited than they used to be.

I have to do this because I work with kids and it is ever so shocking to hear a dirty word out of a sweet little mouth. With my current vocabulary, we are going to be screwed in that department. When you are playing letter bingo with a three year old and you tell them that it is not the right letter with that sound and they say "well shit" two things happen:

1. I try not to laugh my bottom off.
2. I think to myself that obviously this sweet child's parents don't watch their mouth at home or monitor their TV watching.

I am going to be the parent on the receiving end of #2 for sure.

Now for the big stuff going on. The babies are standing up!! I did not see Oshy doing it with my own eyes, but Ever did it last night while sitting on my lap. I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. THEY. ARE. GROWING. UP. SO. FAST. Everyone says "oh, the time goes by so fast!" and I listen but don't process it and now I have processed it and I can't take it! I tried to take a photo but then it almost ended in a disaster which I will not say or else CPS will be knocking at my door. Naughty.

So, since they are only 7 months, 1 week, and 3 days old and are already standing up I figure they will be talking in no time and their first word should not be fuck.

Oops, I said it.



  1. ha! so true! I said "dammit" to my father when I was 5 or 6. I remember hearing that from my cooler, older sister. Boy was he pissed off!

  2. Bahahaha...totally cracking up after that! That picture is adorable and that is incredible they're already standing up! Good luck on trying not to say the naughty words:)

  3. LOL - yep.... my hubby keeps reminding me I'm going to have to start cleaning up my potty mouth!!! :-) Yay for standing up!!! Crazy how quick they grow up!!!

  4. Yeah, we had to curb our vocab. However, our 3 year old says "Jesus Christ!" when we're in traffic. He learned that from his daddy. It is so hard not to crack up.

  5. heehee you are just too funny :) I can't believe they're standing up! They're still newborns, right?? It's happening too fast!


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