Thursday, December 23, 2010

Naughty Mommy

Having kids is amazing. In my mind I thought having kids would be amazing, but it's really better than words can describe. I love it and I love my monkeys.

It's also super exhausting. Just as I couldn't grasp how truly amazing being a mommy would be, I really had no idea how truly and viciously tiring it would be.

Yesterday when it was wake up time and I had to get up and off to work, it was so difficult. I was just hit with tiredness. I was so tired I felt kind of teary and emotional for awhile and then it turned into a horrid raging headache. The kind of headache that pierces into your brain and makes you see stars and you think you just might puke. There is major stomach flu going around at work so the just might puking part had me a little scared. I left work early. I have loads of family in town that I could relax with.

But I didn't.

I came home and the house was empty. No babies. No family. No hubby.

I didn't call or text. I took advantage. I took drugs, AirBorn, and tons of water and then I took a nap in the middle of the day for several hours. It was just what I needed! I woke up feeling WAY better. Of course it could've been from the drugs, but I think some empty house sleepy time was much needed.

Then I got busted. My brother came over to get diapers for the babies out of the closet and I was snoozing away in my bed. There was laundry piled to the ceiling and dishes in the sink. I felt a huge pang of guilt that when I am not working the only place I should be is with the babies.

But the rest felt good. So good.

After that I did an extra naughty. A mommy guilt naughty. Even after my naptime, they ended up sleeping over at Grandma's and I slept again for 7.5 uninterrupted hours. 3 hours and 7.5 uninterrupted hours is WAY better, I mean worlds better, than 12 interrupted hours.

So I'm a bad mommy. But I feel better.

As the holiday approaches, I must post my holiday card.

Last year's holiday card:


Did you know that it is a super super hot topic to put an ultrasound photo on a Christmas card? I did not know this! I know it makes infertiles extra mad and I get that because I was the Queen of Bitter Infertiles once myself and had I received a card like this during that time I would have been pissed. I know now I would have only been pissed because of jealousy and anger. But what makes regular old baby making people so mad? It has been called tacky, disgusting, etc. I LOVE this card! I basically consider myself a genius for coming up with it. So eff you all who don't like it, because I sent it with pride last year!

This year's card:


Yes, I did find the card that would hold the maximum amount of photos. :) You can see that the babies have changed quite a bit in a year. Next year they will be approaching two years old at this time . . . . crazy!


  1. I didn't know that... I did a card with a cute U/S photo with santa hat this year as well. As a previous infertile, if I offended anyone I could care less. I worked hard for that baby and think it's perfectly within reason to be able to celebrate that way.

  2. Such a cute card! Feel better!

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better, the rest is just what you and your body needed! Yay for grandmas that like having baby sleep-overs! :) And I think the Christmas cards are both adorable! How could the not be with such great subjects, right? ;)

  4. I think the card you sent last year is totally fine! I sent out a prengnancy announcement last spring with an ultrasound picture on it. I only sent the card to family, but if any of them thought it was tacky I couldn't care less. We worked hard for this baby! And what's the difference between ultrasound pics on facebook or on a card. LOTS of people post u/s pics on facebook.

    Good for you for getting some sleep! I already have mommy guilt, but 7 hours of straight sleep sounds wonderful!


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