Sunday, December 5, 2010


This has been a long week. We have been very fortunate to make it for almost 7 and a half months with no sickness, even though we take the babies everywhere and I am a major sanitizing slacker.

The time has come. I have had two very sick little babies. It started last Saturday night with Ocean. He cried quite a bit through the night and I was up most of the night with him. He seemed okay in the day. Sunday wasn't quite so bad and Monday night was an absolute nightmare. I was up with him from 11:00 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. After trying to comfort my baby for 6 and a half hours to no avail, I went downstairs crying as well. My mom took him. Ever woke up and she had one eye swollen and wonky with snot dripping down her face. She was completely lethargic.

My mom called around noon and said that we really needed to take them to the doctor. Trying to comfort your babies for days is just so sad. I could do nothing for them. They kept looking at me to do something for them but I couldn't. It was awful.

Ever was so lethargic and terrible looking that we figured she would be the worse off. Nope. My Oshy boy had a 102 degree fever, a little heat rash and an ear infection. Ever was at 99, which is pretty normal for a baby but she had a sinus infection. After that we've been living off of antibiotics and Tylenol (vitamin T).

I took a picture of Ever. Prepare your eyes to view on very sick Peanut . . . . .


I thought snot might taste a little better with a side of french fries.

Now that it's Sunday, they are still snotty but feeling much better. It is no fun to have sick babies. For one, I felt worthless to help them and that sucks. For two, holding them down to suck snot out of their noses while they scream bloody murder is awful. They were already sick and then I had to go and torture them! And lastly, I am super EXHAUSTED!!

I feel for the babies, but I'm not going to lie, I feel sorry for myself too. I got one night of sleep in 6 days and I worked every single day. I became so tired I wasn't able to sleep because I spent so much time keeping myself awake. It sucked big ones. I was waiting for the night hubby came home so that I could sleep in the guest bed and he could spend the night caring for them since he spent all week snoozing it up in a hotel.

Hubby came home sick. He went to bed. I got no relief. Friday night as I was up rocking my boy from 11:45 until 2:30 while hubby was downstairs sleeping like a baby, I felt the overwhelming urge to go and kick him. But I didn't. Domestic violence is so not cool. Neither is sleep deprivation.

So I brought Oshy downstairs to sick hubby and said "I NEED SLEEP!" and went up and slept for 5 hours. 5 beautiful hours.

Now it's Sunday and we are all feeling better. Phew. Maybe I will take up heavy sanitizing.


  1. UGH! SO sorry you had such a rough week...hope you all feel better very soon. And thanks for the super sweet comment...I love that we've been bloggy buddies for so long!

  2. o gosh I cant imagine no sleep for that long but I am spoiled my 3 month old has only had a couple of bad nights so far you are alot nicer than I am though if my husband had done that I probebly would have put both babies in bed with him and gone and went to sleep with the door locked, that picture is the most hillarious(sp??) picture I have ever seen I would definatly have given her french frys to!!

  3. Oh no! Sick babies are no fun. And NO sleep is definitely NO FUN. Hope you are all rested and healthy soon!

  4. Oh those poor babies. We just had our first cold at 3 months. (Isn't de-snoting a baby the worst?) ...And then I got the stomach flu the day after my sweet girl got her cold. Thank God my hubby had a couple of days off and could take care of both of us. :-)

  5. I'm glad you have made it through and they are feeling better! I prefer it when mine get sick at the same time because when they pass it back and forth, it takes sooo mcuh longer and you have that many more rough sleep nights. I have been very lucky, - mine rarely get sick. We made it to 4 yrs old without ever having a sick child dr appt!!! They had slight colds now and then, but not often.

    I really like children's motrin over tylenol. It works faster and lasts longer. Plus, tylenol products can be bad for the liver. You can alternate tylenol and motrin as well. Motrin is an 6-8 hour drug, Tylenol is a 4 hour one. Give the Motrin and then ~5.5 hours later, give the Tylenol and it will kick in in time to cover when the Motrin is wearing off before their next dose of Motrin at the 8 hour mark.

  6. Oh no! I'm hoping everyone is on the road to recovery. Knock on wood....we've been lucky, but I have a feeling our number will be up soon.

  7. Aw, hope everyone is feeling better soon! Poor little ones, and poor exhausted Mommy!

  8. Boo!!! Sick babies sucks! And what horrible luck that your hubby was sick too! I think I would have told him that he needed to suck it up and help out anyway. . .I mean if you were sick (unless you were incapacitated) you would still be expected to help with sick babies, right? The hubbies should be expected to do the same!
    Hopefully everyone is on the mend and you won't have to deal with that again any time soon!

  9. omg, I don't know how you made it! I'd have gone insane! I hope you all are feeling better and you haven't gotten sick, too!


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