Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They Were Right!

All those annoying people who say "you're so small, are you okay?" were not as far off the mark as I thought. Today at my OB appointment she did say that I am small and that due to my small size she doubts I would make it to 38 weeks. I thought for sure I would in the beginning, but now I am just really hoping for 36 weeks. She said 34 weeks would be fine and they wouldn't need steroids before birth at that point. I gained two pounds in the last month, which is less than half the recommended amount. But the babies size is just perfect so I figure that is the most important thing! I've never been told to eat more or gain more weight in my life. Weird!

Now I will be going to get an ultrasound to check on the babies every week starting next week. They get scored every time and if they pass then we are good for another week. I got in a little trouble for having contractions and not calling, but I don't want to spend every other evening in L&D. I will start being more careful now. I am also to stay in bed for two days to see if this yucky virus/infection/bronchitis will go away without another dose of antibiotics.

Still trying to work out a photography session that will yield photos before my baby shower in two weeks and allow me to show off the watermelon . . . . . It's kind of hard to do when your brain is clogged with snot and the already short attention span has become much shorter!

Something odd happened last night. I watched the Duggar's. And . . . . it wasn't that bad! Hubby still thinks that they need to be locked up for insanity and that something is surely wrong with them, but the kids were a lot more normal than I thought they would be considering the circumstances. I doubt I'll be watching another episode anytime soon, but it was more interesting than I thought. I know it's evil, but I will still be anxiously awaiting the Duggar that makes the cover of People pulling a Britney Spears and going nuts.


  1. Hey, I only gained 28 lbs with my twinners, which wasn't nearly enough, but it got me to 37 weeks. My kiddos were 4.5 lbs a piece and beautifully healthy. Eat as much as you can, rest, and DO GO TO L&D with contractions. You are doing a great job!!!

  2. sounds like you are doing everything you are supposed to do. thats awesome that the babies are the right size, even if you're too small. :) Eat lots and hang in there. Enjoy some rest too!

  3. Wah, I'm too skinny. I hate you. Totally kidding!!!!!!!!!!

    You are doing a great job Mama and those babies are going to be soooo healthy and beautiful - don't you worry. :)

  4. Maybe you can prove that doctor wrong and go to 40 weeks like Deborah. Pretty soon, you are going to hit a point wher eyou just can't eat - you run out of room. It's great that the babies are measuring good. Rest whenever you can. Keep them in there are long as you can! You know the favorite saying "every day inside saves 2 NICU days". (those steroid shots boost lung maturity to 34 weeks, so if you make it that far, they wouldn't do you any good.)
    Hang in there!!


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