Monday, February 8, 2010

Ha ha ha ha!!

I just received an email from Baby Zone about "how to stay sexy while pregnant!"

I don't know why I found this hilarious, but it really cracked me up. If you are some weirdo who finds zoo animals sexy, pregnancy is super sexy. If you like orangutangs (spelling?), pregnancy is way hot. You are hairy, boobs floppy and big round gut with legs spread apart from pubic bone issues.

Once my bronchitis is gone, I will show pictures of all these things. I know it's gross, but I have no shame. Although I obviously don't find pregnancy too sexy, I do sit around with the belly hanging out so I guess I don't find it that bad.

Speaking of photos, I booked our maternity session for last weekend then in the confirmation they said that they don't do nudity. I wasn't planning on taking any Playboy photos, but they include belly pictures in nudity!! What? I don't consider a belly nudity. So I had to cancel. We're racing against the clock and my cheap ass can't find another place . . . .


  1. i'm sorry that makes NO SENSE whatsoever that you can't do belly photos for a MATERNITY shot. Glad you cancelled - that's freakin' silly! The whole point is to show off your beautiful belly!!

    I'm with you, not sure how it can be sexy.. but I have heard it's very sexy.. In fact someone told me random guys find it very sexy, because they look at a pregnant woman and think "that woman had sex" -- well, yeah, but in our case, that is NOT how we got pregnant! :)

  2. Uh, what!? Good luck having a successful maternity photography business!

  3. just a little advice on how great Maternity pics can look like. I know you wont come to Vegas for a shooting but my friend is a photographer and here is some stuff she did.
    I hope it helps.


  4. You can try checking the PhotoZone board on BZ to see if anyone is in your area. But, try looking up 'newborn photography' or even 'maternity photography' for your area. Many photographers do a package deal with maternity and then newborn shots... you HAVE to get newborn twins shots done. I regret not having known enough about photography when mine were born. You might find local photographers advertising in baby boutiques or even in your OB's office.
    You might even find someone still portfolio building who would take awesome photos for cheap. Try (I love photography - it's a site dedicated to children's photography) to find someone in your area, too.

  5. oops - I gave you the wrong site... it's written out

  6. i wish i could fly up and take your photos for you! i'm so excited for you ash!


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