Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celine Dion

I just read the article about Celine Dion which is on the cover of people this week. I saw her on Oprah last week and thought she had the best attitude ever about it. I also thought it was awesome that she was even talking about it.

She is on her fifth IVF cycle, which is something I truly cannot imagine. It's odd to read the comments in the comment section. Some people are really nasty about it and how she waited too long. As a previous foster mom of five children, all who came from mothers who started reproducing in their teens, I'm not sure I am seeing the problem of a 41 year old getting pregnant. I think this should be exactly the type of person that we would want to have children in our society. She is mature, successful, in a healthy and long term commited relationship, and a loving mommy to her other son. This sounds like a dream to me because I know the child will be loved and after FIVE IVF cycles, which I can't imagine the emotional pain of that many failures from IVF, the child is obviously wanted more than anything. I also know I won't be footing the bill for her kids running wild in the street because she got pregnant easily at 19 with no plans to be able to care for her kid (I know this isn't always the case and there are many awesome young moms, but stats aren't exactly stellar for those situations).

When people hear that I am pregnant after several years of infertility and I am only 25, people think of that as a true medical issue. Even my OB nurse said "wow, only 25? There must be something really wrong with you!" When people see 40 year olds trying to have babies, they don't have the same sympathy. I truly do understand their point, but of all issues in society is this really one of them? Mature, responsible adults having children? That's a bad thing? It's selfish to wait until you are ready to procreate while others just get knocked up whenever without means emotionally, financially or both to care for the children? I'm confused.

I also find this situation completely sexist. Her husband is 68. I'm sorry, but that's older than my dad and pretty close to my grandpa. I am going to admit that I find someone who is almost 70 having a baby bizarre, because really you don't live forever. Rod Stewart is old and he has babies. Larry King is way old and he has toddlers. Where is the outrage for that??? Is it okay because they made babies with 20 to 30 year olds? Again, I'm confused.

I hope the fifth try is a charm for her! I also hope people can gain some sense, but I know the fifth try of IVF for a 41 and 68 year old is a lot more likely.


  1. I think it's great that she is talking about it. And I agree with you on all of your points. Really? Why is it so horrible that a mature woman wants to have a baby?! I think people are just closed minded on the subject, and don't understand.

  2. I feel bad for her with all those tries. That's so heartbreaking. I'm assuming those weren't all fresh IVF's - there's no way that can happen. I wonder if she's transferring more than two.


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