Friday, February 12, 2010


Okay, I figured everything out regarding this weight business.

1. I gained 10 pounds during IVF so I will just go ahead and add that to my pregnancy weight. I won't need to gain as much because I got a head start.

2. I used to have muscle from working out. I haven't worked out in almost 8 months. Muscle weighs more than fat and since I am slipping into flabby land quickly I probably am gaining cushion and losing muscle.

3. I drink TONS of water. Drinking water burns calories so I probably burn thousands of calories from the cold water.

4. Online I saw a healthy full term baby with all the parts (sac, placenta, etc) weighs about 17 pounds. So for two I really only need to gain 34 pounds.

I have no idea how to explain why my belly isn't measuring big. But I'm not a doctor. :)As was mentioned before, the babies weigh perfectly so who cares.

I failed the one hour glucose test and have to do the three hour. I also have iron definciency. If I go on a no carb or sugar diet how the french toast am I supposed to gain weight? This is just getting silly . . .

Only two weeks until the 4-D ultrasound!!! I am SO excited for that! I want to see what the babies look like so bad. We're taking a crowd with us too, my mother in law, my mom, my grandma, my great grandma and my aunt. We'll have to see if this is the first ultrasound that I cry for! I know our monkey boy looks like hubby so it is up to our little lady to carry some of my features.


  1. A lady I worked with who had twins didn't look very pregnant, even for one baby. She was petite and I have no idea where she hid them but they came out both over 7 lbs and very healthy. Looks can be deceiving!

  2. I didn't have twins, but I am small-boned and carried very small. Looked like half a basketball taped under my shirt up until DDay. I gained a total of 16lbs. Doc thought I was having a baby under 5lbs. She weighed 9 (yes, I said 9!). Science has advanced some since then (she's 14 now), but if they are going off of belly measurements alone, that hasn't changed.

    And while there are averages, no two people are the same. Unless the monkeys measure small, I say don't focus on how big the belly is or how much weight you gain. :)


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