Saturday, February 6, 2010


After a trip to urgent care this morning, I now have bronchitis! I have never got this sick so fast before, but the doctor said that when you're pregnant viruses move more quickly through your body. I can't even remember the last time I have felt this sick.

My little monkeys have been moving constantly. Although I love it, I know it's because they are agitated by the extreme coughing and it is giving me cramps. Poor babies! Luckily I go to the OB this week and normally the appointments are short and sweet but I am going to make her look them over really well to make sure they are okay after this and their first round of antibiotics! The doctor said that this is safe for them, but I am still a little nervous. I just hope I feel better by next week. I also lost 4 pounds since my doctor's appointment on Thursday afternoon, so I am trying to eat.

Last night hubby was laying on the couch with me. I think the babies gravitate towards heat or something because when the dog laid in my lap they kicked him until he wouldn't sit there anymore. Last night hubby's head was right over Baby A and so Baby A proceeded to kick him right in the noggin! The funny thing is hubby could actually feel it! I have a feeling my house might get pretty rowdy here in a couple of years . . .

The nurse who took me back to the doctor's office has 12 year old boy/girl twins. She said she had a feeling there was more than one in there when she saw me! I was so happy to hear that.

I was super excited for a wedding tonight so hubby and I could get dressed up and take some cute photos together while I'm preggo. But now I will be sitting at home, watching more crappy tv and hacking up my lungs. No one wants a person hacking up yellow snot while they are trying to get married!!


  1. I hope meds kick in fast and you're feeling better quickly! Sorry you had to miss the wedding.

  2. Hope you get better super fast and I think you're right, I think you are definitely going to have a rowdy house in a couple of years - how fabulous!

    Get better soon!

  3. Feel better soon! Sorry you had to miss the wedding...Lori...

  4. Boo! Hope you get to feeling better very, very soon. :)


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