Thursday, February 4, 2010

Healthy Monkeys

Although I was hoping for a couple of fatties at 2 pounds this morning, they didn't quite make it. They are both weighing in at 1 pound 12 ounces. We held hands as the doctor (it was the man doctor, who is way more awesome than the woman doctor) analyzed all the details of their anatomy. Baby A took a pee pee while we were watching and Baby B was playing with her foot (she is quite flexible). We weren't able to get any good pictures, which was a bummer, but tomorrow I am going to schedule our 4D ultrasound for the end of the month.

Hubby gets mad at me when I poke the babies. I just really like to feel them move so if they have been lazy for awhile I poke them. Hubby thinks this is mean. But the specialist straight up rocked their world trying to get them to move!! I'm glad hubby knows that a little poke here and there won't hurt them. They didn't move. They must be stubborn. I'm sure you might be able to guess where they picked that up.

The monkeys do not have a healthy mama right now. It turns out I am suffering from a viral infection. That hit by a truck feeling was surprisingly not from pregnancy, but from being sick. I know it's flat out selfish of me to go to my specialist appointment sick, but I really didn't want to have to wait until next week to check out the babies. My whole life runs in the time of when the next monkey sighting happens. Plus I spend way too much time on the internet and everytime I think I'm safe I will see something like "parent found kidneys failing at 22 week appointment" and then I'm like shit!! I thought I was in the clear! Anyway, at this pace, there will be nothing left of sick leave by the time maternity leave rolls around, but oh well. The sign on the door of the specialist office says if you have a fever or flu like symptoms to not come in, and I didn't have a fever and I wasn't hurling everywhere or anything. I also didn't wipe my boogers on the chairs or lick anyone so hopefully no one else in the office will acquire my illness.

I can't believe how big they are getting! The doc said right now is the time that the belly will take off and grow like crazy. Hubby has a huge peeve of cankles so he is way more worried about that than the belly. As I was laying on the table he said "you are really getting huge. I noticed that the other day." I told him that my belly is huge, not me!! He said yes, I'm not swollen or anything and I don't have cankles. He seriously can't deal with cankles. He lovingly told me that he is going to sleep on the couch if I get them.

Maybe next post I will show you photos of my stretch marks and my "linea negra." I thought these things would freak me out, but they don't. I just can't believe the stretch marks!! I'm not even huge yet! It will look like a tiger attacked my ass in a few months!


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog, especially since I'm only a few days behind you...26 weeks today. I had to laugh about how your husband gets mad when you poke the babies. I've been poking our little one at times to get her moving, and my husband told me not to poke her because her head will look like a golf ball when she's born! I want to wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy.

  2. Congratulations on your twins!!! So glad they are both heathy...and I hope you get healthy soon too!!! :)

  3. The best part is that they are close in weight. They always like to see that!

    Tell your husband he can't sleep on the couch, because you are going to get too big to be able to get out of bed yourself and he has to get up and help you up for the 7249 times per night you have to pee.

    I hope your cold leaves quickly and you start feeling better soon!

    (try OJ to get them moving... or coffee!)


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