Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You know you're tired when . . .

1. You fall asleep with a baby in your arms and wake up drooling all over your sweet baby's head!!

2. You stare at your daughter, whom you named the second the doctor said there are girl parts at the ultrasound, for about an hour because you have no idea what you named her.

3. You have repeatedly wasted breastmilk, aka liquid gold, because you have poured it into a bottle that had no bottom or swatted it with your hand and knocked it over because you are in a drunken like state.

4. Even though you have a sweet and wonderful husband you have the overwhelming urge to give him a good old fashioned ass whoopin' just because.

5. Four hours of sleep feels like 12 hours of sleep.

6. You call your son "princess" on occasion.

7. If you have slept for longer than an hour you forget you even had children.

8. You have no idea what day, month, year it is.

9. Writing this post should take 5 minutes max, but it takes about 30.

Yep, I'm tired. Exhausted actually. What is sad is that I have had excellent help, but even if I fall into a really good sleep, the second I hear one of the babies crying I can't stand it and have to get up. I *know* they are being taken care of by great people (hubby or family members), but I still just need to make sure that they are okay. After a good four hours of sleep (that has happened three times now) I wake up on my own anyway and I miss their little faces and have to give kisses and loves. How exactly am I going to go back to work in a few months?? I am so fortunate that they will be taken care of by my mother, but I can't imagine being away from them for a whole 8 hours. Sigh . . .

And yes, they are still sleeping in my bed. I know, I know. It's bad!

My little sweetie:

My little drunk:


  1. Ashley, They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! You are doin so well!!

  2. 4 hours of sleep? Ahhhh.....that is wonderful.

  3. You make me laugh!! I'm sorry you're so sleepy, but you still make it all sound so blissful!!!! Cute pictures!!! :)

  4. This is all perfectly normal. You'll find every new twin mom posts the same type thing. I promise - you will sleep again! By 4 months, I'll bet they are sleeping a good 8 hours for you!
    Keep writing it all down so someday you can go back and reread it. And - keep those pictures coming! The kids are gorgeous!!!!!!!!


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