Friday, May 14, 2010

Bad Daddy

When we went for the babies check-up the other day, the nurse asked my mom to take Ocean with her in the other room because it would be easier to measure them separately. I didn't think anything of it. When we got in the car, my mom told me that the nurse asked if I had a husband!! My mom told her yes and she said that he had never come with me to an OB appointment during my pregnancy so she was concerned that I don't have a supportive partner.

I thought this was hilarious. But it is true that he had never even met the OB who delivered our babies and is now their pediatrician until the day we delivered. He came to a few specialist appointments and the appointment to find out the sex. I guess it does look bad. NO OFFENSE if you need this (seriously), but I just don't need my hubby to hold my hand through checking my weight and my blood pressure. Hubby pays all the big bills in the house so I don't feel that he needs to come to all my appointments. I know they check the heart beat but I am crazy and had a Baby Beat so we listened to the heartbeats every night. I did often notice that I was truly the only person at the specialist office without a significant other or a family member with them, but I guess I am just fine to do stuff myself. Is that weird? Apparently it is!

I told hubby about that and we both laughed. I would think it would be nearly impossible to go through an IVF without a supportive partner. Hubby was so sweet in the hospital. After bathing my messed up body for me when I was scared to death to stand, I can't believe he even wants to look at me still. The first time they asked me to stand up and it was clearly painful he jumped out of the bed and came running over to make sure they weren't going to hurt me. And now he is the sweetest daddy ever.

I guess I never thought it appeared that I was a single lady. I just hope a social worker doesn't come knocking for my support!! :)

Good Daddy time:


The dynamic duo:



  1. Oh for crying out loud! And if you had a deadbeat husband who didn't have a job and COULD come to every appointment with you, they'd probably have a problem then too. Good grief. Good for you for laughing this one off...grr, some people!

  2. So ridiculous! I love that (1) this concerned them and (2) they waited until you'd already given birth to twins before saying something! Thanks for posting the photos - it is so wonderful to see your beautiful babies. :)

  3. congrats on everything! please follow my blog

  4. Also funny that they didn't ask you - they cornered your mother. Pfft, needing to measure them separately! LOL

    Lew did come with me to all appts, but we only saw a peri, so we had a long u/s at each appt and I had enought complications that it was nice to have a second set of ears to catch everything we needed to hear. I still bring him to most well child visits just to have him be able to ask anything he is interested in and to double check when I am busy dressing kids etc. But, he doesn't need permission to leave work for doctors appts or sick days, so it isn't an issue unless he's got a meeting planned then. Our first pediatrician used to refer to us as Double Trouble, not the twins!



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