Monday, April 9, 2012

All Kinds of Stuff

-On the health front I have been getting lots of compliments about how much weight I have lost. Do you want to know how much weight I have lost? NONE! It's kind of annoying but it is nice that people are starting to notice. Hopefully I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. That is what I'm going to tell myself.

-As part of my "getting back to my old self" initiative I have been doing things I like to do besides working out. I went shopping sans children with a friend and then out to the movies in one day. I love my children dearly, but shopping with them is a nightmare. The other thing is reading. I love and always have loved to read. I have recently read The Hunger Games trilogy like every other human being on the earth, The Night Circus (awesome) and Sing You Home (depressing for me, but still good). I got on the New York Times Bestseller list and Fifty Shades of Grey is the number one book plus the other two. It's a trilogy. I though ah, what the hell, it's number one so it must be interesting. Well . . . . it's porn. Dirty, explicit, kinky, don't miss a dirty detail porn. Wow, America. You never fail to shock me! Did I continue to read it, you might ask? Of course I did! Hello! I'm an old married lady now.

- Speaking of porn, do you know how many people Google "donkey sex?" Seriously . . . not cool. I had a ton of pageviews just due to my donkey sex titles. I think I am going to change it. What do you think I should change it to? Freaking perverts. Listen guys, I'm all up for different strokes for different folks and what happens in your bedroom is your business but DAMN! Donkeys? Really? I don't get it! You know what is equally as scary? The fact that many of the people who have arrived here via google search don't know how to properly spell "donkey." Donkee anyone? No?

-I am addicted to Pinterest. Duh. You know that already. The problem is that my addiction has lead me to believe that I should have our whole family to my house for Easter. And make center pieces. I need a pintervention! Good news: I kicked Easter ass in my feast for 9 people and didn't even burn the house down!

- How stunning does Lauren Conrad look on the cover of Glamour? I don't know why, but everytime I am in line at the store and I see this it just awes me.

Source: via MTV on Pinterest

- I love my kids so much. They are so funny and smart! We are on the eve of making some big kid changes like toddler beds, potty training, ditching the bottle. I'm afraid. Very afraid.

We found a slimy slug on our doorstep. That is a huge deal in toddler world!





Until of course we found the baby bunny in the yard. That was a BIG deal!

P.S. Yes, my doorstep needs cleaning. No, I probably won't do it. Judge away, my friends, judge away.


  1. Glad you are getting some compliments. That makes all of the difference in the world in weight loss momentum! Loving the pics of the kids. God, potty training and toddler beds. Scary!

  2. Great job working out and looking/feeling better! Eww... I'd take a bunny over a slug, too!!!

    Too funny that people are finding you via donkey sex! They say if you can think of it, somebody is into it... but I'm with you. Really? (another ewww)

  3. eeeww....slugs and donkey sex - i die! O and E are getting SOOO big!!!! Mad props on working out and shopping solo...I totally need to get on that train!!! Hope you guys had a great Easter:)

  4. That's a lot to tackle all at once:)...we still need to do the "big girl" bed changeover. Yes, DD just turned 4, but she loves her bed as is and it's worked out great so far. The Donkey Sex part...too funny! Cute story:)...Great job on the weight loss/change! Adorable pictures:)...

  5. You are awesome!! For real. Plus, when we feel better about ourselves, I think we just look better, so you are probably rockin out with your awesomeness!

    Fellow blogger needs some help, and I thought you'd be a good resource for her. She's a new twin mommy who is struggling:


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