Monday, September 5, 2011

The Week From Hades

Hubby travels for work, about one week a month or maybe a little more. He gets notice the week before he goes. It sucks balls sometimes.

Luckily, my grandparents are here for the rescue and we have a glorious time spending the night at their house because I am a little pansy who doesn't sleep well when hubby is gone. Our other schedule issue is the hubby goes to class two nights a week now and my usual work time off is 6:00, which is when daycares close, so my grandparents have helped out by picking them up those two nights.

They got picked up Monday night by my Papa. We ate dinner with him and then came home, did baths and bedtime no problem. I have this shit down.

Tuesday hubby leaves. They get picked up by Papa again. I stop by the house and let out the dog then put him in his kennel. Ever sleeps with Papa and I sleep with Ocean. They really only sleep well in their own beds so Ocean tossed and turned and I slept okay. I dropped them off at daycare and then went home Wednesday morning to let the dog out.

The house smelled like death. The dog had pooped, puked and peed all in the office. Even the wall had shit on it. I have worked with children a long time. I have cleaned their butts. I have wiped their boogers on my shirt in lieu of Kleenex. I have caught their vomit in my bare hands while pregnant with twins. BUT I CANNOT TOLERATE ANIMAL MESS. It is extra disgusting and I just can't do it.

But hubby is gone, two states away, so I have to. I put the barf kennel outdoors and the left the dog outside knowing full well he would run away. I was okay with that. I opened windows and proceeded to work. I got off early so I could pick up the nuggets to once again pawn them off on someone else (my mother in law) so I could clean up dog shit instead of spend time with them. I open the door and the house is infested with flies and bugs. WTF times a million!?!? I light several candles and get to work. After three hours, I realize we cannot sleep in this house so I pack our bags and go to stay at my grandparents even though they are not there. I cry like a little baby the whole time I drive to pick them up. I cry about hubby being gone, my house being disgusting, my babies getting continuously pawned off on others, Ocean being sick. Ocean is crying and crying, I know he is sick. The daycare had taken his temp right as I walked in and it was borderline, but high enough that he couldn't go back the next day. All I wanted was sleep. Ocean stayed up most of the night and then woke up at 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m.

I cried like a little baby again. I was so desperate. Ocean was crying and crying and crying and not sleeping. Hubby's family works and all of my family was out of town and hubby was out of town. I was royally screwed. I cried some more and then freaked out on hubby. He gave me the good news that they were coming back a day early. He found us at my grandparents at 5 in the evening with our pjs still on. The day wasn't half bad though. We had to stay another night at my grandparents and ended up sleeping there until today.

Friday was a great day. We went to the doctor and got drugs. Almost always I try to work part of the day or see if someone can watch them, but I took Thursday and Friday off. All the way. Okay, maybe I made the babies go to work with me for an hour Friday, but I took care of them the whole time.

I have had so much time with my nuggets this week and it is so amazing. My karma circled around and came back great because the babies have been in extra funny happy moods. We are now back in our house. I also ate a funnel cake today, and nothing could really be better than that. I'm proud we all survived. The twins have been in AWESOME moods and maybe I'm being arrogant but I think it's because their love tank is full of mama lovin.' It's true.

colorado 2011 005

Peanut . . . the next Jersey Shore cast member. She LOVED the hot tub.

colorado 2011 009


  1. Glad things turned around for you! I hope your pup didn't run away! :(

  2. What cute kiddos! So sorry for the tough week...we all have them and thank GOD they aren't all the time!
    PS. You won the Mary Kay giveaway on my blog! Will you send me your email address to molly{dot}dee1{at} and I will send you the email from the people at MK? Thanks!

  3. Whoah! What a week for you. Where did all those flies come from? The doggie poo?

    You are truly a rock star. I don't know if I could have handled what you went through.

  4. Ugh!! What a horrible week! I'm glad to hear it ended with lots of lovin'. But still... ugh!!!

  5. Oh my poor thing - what an awful start to the week - Im so glad things got better!!!! Cleaning up after the dog like that is the WORST...i die when I have to do it!!!

    Hope you guys had a wonderful labor day!


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