Sunday, September 18, 2011

Consignment Sales and Finger Nails

I am a bargain shopper by nature. Mostly because I'm poor, but also because I'm super cheap. Cheapo for sure.

I have never been really big on resale or consignment shopping. I did one run to a nice consignment shop for babies before the twins were born and right after I found out we were having at least one boy. I found great things, but never went back. Other than some hand-me-downs, all of the nuggets clothes have been new (cheap, but new).

I went to a Just Between Friends sale, which is a gigantic warehouse full of resale clothing that is tagged and sold by moms. Well . . . . I thought it sucked. If the clothes weren't faded, the people who were selling them wanted way more than I would ever pay at a sale like that. For example, there was a really cute set of tights and a skirt that had never been worn. The seller wanted $10.00 for it. F that! I know I could find that for sale at the Children's Place for cheaper! The tag was still on and it said they were originally $14.95 and you could see where the person scratched off the clearance tag. I guarantee they paid no more than $6 for those at the store. Another example: there were some adorable boys sweaters and they wanted $8 for them. They have never been worn. They were Faded Glory, which is Walmart, and I would bet the seller didn't pay any more than $5 for it.

Moral of the story: I could find all of these things new just by being a bargain shopper instead of going to one of these sales and digging through 8 gazillion things just to find a few good items.

But I did find a few things. Since it suddenly became cold out the twins have nothing to wear and look like homeless, random, disheveled kids. After that sale I hit up a Friday night Kohl's sale and also the big baby sale at Old Navy. For less than $200 I came home with:

11 Shirts
4 pairs of pants
1 sweater
4 shirt/pant combos
3 dresses
1 SUPER adorable pair of never been worn Keen rainboots for Osh man

Not too shabby!


Last week I discovered something that had me in sheer panic.

Not once, not even one single time, in the last almost 17 months have I cut my children's nails. Nope. Never.

I sent a text to hubby to ask him if he has been cutting their nails. He said no, he has never done it.

What in the hell?!?!?!?!???

I wondered how I could possibly have overlooked that and the fact that my kids probably had daggar's on the ends of their fingers. I wondered if they even had nails at all.

Hubby text back that he thinks they just fall off. Oh right hubby. Genius idea.

But they really do just fall off. After carefully checking them they were not monster like and they do exist. On one of Ocean's fingers I saw that it was just kind of dangling (just a little not jaggedy soft sliver) so I wanted to see what happened. By the end of the day it was gone.

This is either really not a good thing and there is something wrong with them or I am one lucky bitch who will never have to hold her kids down screaming while cutting their body parts with a sharp object. Yay.

My little nut playing in the rain



Oshy boy playing in the bath



  1. I refuse to cut my kids' fingernails. I bite them off. toenails too. no joke. I cut their skin once while using the clippers and will never attempt it again.

  2. Good shopping! I love a bargain! Glad the fingernail mystery is solved ; ) Too funny!

  3. Rain & bubble play!!! 2 of my favorite shots!!!

    As a daycare teacher, I cut many many kids nails (and took off socks to do toenails). Some, I suspect their parents thought the kids nails did not grow. Ask your mom if she was doing it when she was there and maybe the teachers do it now. I find that I had an easier time cutting day care kids than my own kids, too. Lew has never once cut the twins nails here.

    If G&C aren't wearing hand-me-downs, I buy 75% of their stuff on ebay. Then probably the next 20% at our awesome Goodwill. Then, maybe 5% new. I do not like sending them to pre-school and now kindergarten wearing anything they have to worry about. Now, my hand-me-downs come from a relative and are amazing... Hanna Andersson, Talbots, Lands End, LL Bean, Mini Boden, Flapdoodles... etc. G has a cashmere sweater I let her wear to school. So it's not that they look like they dress in dingy old beat up clothes. Just, I am too frugal to buy anything new.

    I've never tried consignment shops.

  4. WHAT?! You ARE one lucky bitch. I have to hold down my screaming kid to cut her nails because hers DO become daggers and don't just fall off unfortunately. And I have to do it every week and a half, two weeks tops. Sheesh!

  5. I'm with you on sales. I hardly have to buy things for the boys brand new. We got a lot of hand me downs and I shop sales, buy at thrift stores, and only buy what they really need.

    Nails - I hate cutting them. My DH has never clipped the boys' nails. My little man is O.K. with it, but getting a bit restless. My 3 year old is harder. I resorted to giving him a quarter each time I do it. Who says bribery doesn't work?

  6. There might be some decent consignment shops in your area! In the Twin Cities, we have quite a few that are NICER! Nu-Look Consignment, Rags to Riches, Elite Repeat are all places that require items to be in style, in great condition, and name brand. I've walked away with Vera Wang skirts for $20 with the tags on them yet!

    ~B from tCC


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