Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Best Age

I think the twins are the most fun right now. They are doing so many things! I have to admit when people ask me if I'd ever like another kid, of course I would. BUT . . . . when other women tell me how much they miss the newborn phase I think they are loco up top. I don't know if I will ever miss the newborn phase. Maybe when they graduate high school? Probably not then either. I just remember pumping endlessly like some food machine while they cried and screamed and I wanted to murder hubby for not having boobs to help with or at the very least wake up and walk around with one of the screamers. Of course they were cute and smooshy and they smelled really good, the newborn smell is very nice, but everything else is for the birds.

NOW . . . OMG I adore every second. I love hearing "mama" especially.

Today we went to the big city market downtown. You can get the mother load of fresh, local food for cheap. Well, I did buy a loaf of bread that cost $7 but we got home and had it warm with butter and honey. Mmmm mmm mmm.


Anyway, it was a long ride to get there so I let Ocean walk for awhile instead of ride in the stroller. He ran! He gets so excited when he takes of running on his little legs that it makes him scream. It is too adorable. There was an alley (I know, all the awesome moms let their babies play in alley's) with humps and hills and he was so excited to walk up and then run back down. His eyes got big when he watched a man play his guitar and I wondered what he was thinking about. I pulled out my wallet to pay for the bread and some cupcakes we were buying and he reached down and grabbed my Michael's Craft Store rewards card and handed to the woman with a huge smile on his face. She laughed and gave it back so he tried again with my dental insurance card. The woman of course ooh'd and aah'd all over him. He was so proud of himself! We looked in the case of pies and he stuck his face right up to it, so curious. I just love seeing him explore everything!



Ever was in a foul mood but when we got home she was happy. She lays on the floor all the time and reads stories outloud to herself. She is so serious when she does this. She is currently the queen of drama and can make quite the faces. She can now also say "cheese" when she sees the camera.



I am also really enjoying the relationship they have with each other. They hug each other and chit chat with each other. I have to admit the funniest part is when they are fighting with each other. The other night Ocean kicked Ever so she yelled "no" in his face and hit him. He laughed about it so hard. Then she laughed and they hugged. Seriously . . . . melt a mama's heart.



Mommyhood is rockin' my socks right now. Moral of the story: toddlers rule, babies drool.


  1. I truly miss the newborn phase. I always will. But, babies are "my thing". Gimme a couple assistant teachers and a dozen infants and I am happy! But, I started out with toddlers and loved that, too. There is so much wonder and fun in that age. They are not too cool to do anything and their favorite toy is... you!

    Then, sadly, they turn 3. They begin talking back, they get independent and stubborn and they just change. In all my years teaching, I never liked classes over age 2 and sure enough, with my own kids, age 3 was just what I remember age 3 being.

    Mine didn't know walking was an option until they were probably 4. I needed them to know that they had to ride when we were out alone. Carl was a runner. I still haven't been able to bring myself to get rid of my 2 double strollers. (I will use one in Disney this fall, and then be able to part with both. They'll be 6 a week after our Disney vacation.)

    I love that Ever reads books out loud!!! Sweet hugging pics, too!!!!!

  2. Oh, I SO agree with you on the newborn phase! I recall at the time thinking it was crazy, but only now that I'm not a feed, pump, burp, change, sleep for 30 minutes at a time machine can I see how awful it really was! I agree, they smell good, and they fall asleep more easily, but otherwise, TOTALLY for the birds. Never have any desire to go back there. Ever. My girls are 11 months now and I LOVE every second with them!
    Ocean and Ever are SUPER always =).

  3. I my goodnes... your toddlers are possibly the cutest kids I've ever seen! SO adorable!
    And I can't wait until I get to experience a new born stage :) I'm so baby hungry...and seeing your cuties make it worse haha!

  4. Those pictures are SO gorgeous. Your kids are freaking so cute. I LOVE their twinsie bond, so awesome. Cant wait for my own sis to have her twins, WHICH would happen any day. How many weeks were you when you delivered?

  5. lolol I loved the newborn phase, but I find every phase absolutely fastinating! And I only had one and my mom was there to help every step of the way. Each phase just keeps getting more and more amazing! I'm so absolutely in love with her. I can't wait to see her run up and down an alley and read a book, too! :) I love the pic of Ever lying on her daddy's arm!


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