Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stupid Ovaries

You know those stories you hear about people who get knocked up naturally while adopting or whose bodies magically became fertile after giving birth even with years of fertility treatments behind them?

I secretly hoped I was one of them. I secretly wished that one day I could wake up and be like "ooh, my period is late. Maybe I'm knocked up?"

A week ago I was awoken from my sleep by pains in my sides and I was like "ooh, my period is late." But not for one second did I think "maybe I'm knocked up?" I was in pain. My ovaries felt like baseballs bouncing around in my body. I just knew my PCOS was at it again even though I had gone a good SIXTEEN months without issues.

The OB confirmed that my ovaries were enlarged and if I am not going to be taking birth control then I need to be on meds to control the cysts on my ovaries. I've been on these meds before when trying desperately to get knocked up and they are helpful but you get major diarehha in exchange. Everyone loves diarehha right? Not.

To add to the fun of the realization that birth did not cure my reproductive organs, I had a cyst explode last night which left me vomitting this morning and caused me to have a major pity party. And a percocet.

I cried to hubby that I had just hoped so much that I would be normal now, like a normal person without constant reproductive system issues.

And hubby said he had really hoped so too.

At the same time I feel so lucky that I have these two funny munchkins. What if things just get worse and I had waited until there was no hope left?

Stupid ovaries. You suck.


The babies first ride with the top off in the jeep! They weren't impressed.


Our pitiful attempt at a family photo taken at the park!


  1. Ah, I believe I know of which meds you speak. They are unpleasant- upside- you usually lose a couple lbs when you re-start! (Yeah, not really worth it... but I take it anyway. *sigh*)

  2. Man, I am so sorry you have to deal with the PCOS ovaries. Sounds so painful. Will the meds kick in by next cycle?

    The kids in that family photo are a riot!!!!! You guys are smiling happily and they are goofing around and yelling! I actually laughed out loud! The Jeep pic is adorable... and funny once you hear they didn't like what was to come. Don't you wish you could ride with soft padding all around your head and maybe just lean over to the side and doze off in the car?

  3. I love it! Your pictures (and pretty much, family) are the best!

    Sorry you still have to deal with that PCOS shit. No pun intended. It sucks that it has to remind us we're not normal! On the bright side? I always say I'm one stomach flu away from being my ideal weight! :P

  4. Yuk! Bad ovaries!

    Thanks for the advice over at my blog :) Let's see if it kicks things into gear!

  5. Stupid ovaries! I am sorry you are in pain!

  6. I'm laughing so hard! That picture is awesome. You should totally frame it. Ocean is the best part!

    Sorry about your sucky ovaries. Mine suck too. Everyone thinks mine will just magically work next time now that I have a baby. Yeah, we'll see.

  7. Those are the best pics when everyone is looking crazy.

    I'm sorry about the cyst and the PCOS and the not turning fertile and everything. I'm still breastfeeding so the verdict is still out my cycles, but I have a bad feeling about it.

  8. so, so sorry. i really hope you are feeling better now.

  9. bwahahaha the photo just cracked me up! :)

    Ovaries do suck. Mine are very sucky right now,too.

    And the pipe dream that we'll be one of the lucky ones that will magically get pregnant after all the years of heartache? It sucks, too. ('cause it's not me)

  10. the Metformin XR does not seem to cause those symptoms like the plain Metformin does


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