Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things That Are Really Annoying Me Today

1. Baby On Board signs on cars. Really? You think some psychopath with road rage is going to get pissed that you cut them off and then start tailgating you with the intention of bashing your head in with a baseball bat and that little yellow diamond that says "Baby on Board" is going to make them all of a sudden as docile as a baby kitten? No, it's not. You think when it is slick with rain on the road and that huge semi comes careening across the freeway it will all of a sudden just stop in it's tracks because of that dumb little "Baby on Board" sign? Or are you just advertising that you have a baby in your car? I don't get it. Dumb.

2. People who dress their kid to the 9's just to do everyday things, like go to the park or the store. Your little girl doesn't want to wear baby wedges, a skirt, a larger than life hair thing and a giganto vest that looks like a dead animal. Let your kid play. Your son/daughter is not your doll.

3. One of my feet is totally jacked and I walk like an idiot sometimes. This is completely my fault because a few months back I was at a place with my children from work that is full of those blow up jump jump thingys (bounce houses). A very fit 8 year old asked me to go with him and copy what he did. He jumped off of a section that was higher than the other and then did a flip. Because I am a regular genius, I thought I could do this too. No, I could not. My back and foot cracked. I'm still paying for it, as I deserve, for thinking that I am in as great shape as an 8 year old.

4. Internet liars. This is a phenomenon I don't quite grasp. Making up junk about yourself or your kids is just plain weird. Or people who bicker and bicker and bicker with each other online.

5. People who have a baby shower with every kid because "every child should be celebrated." I don't really care if you have a baby shower for every kid, that is not the annoying part. The part that is annoying to me is that you have convinced yourself this is for the baby somehow. How is that true?? That baby is a fetus who doesn't really care about anything, let alone if you have a party for it before it has arrived. This is for you. Own it.

6. Those feathers people wear in their hair. Only a few people look good in them, everyone else looks just plain silly. I was talking to a woman who had one that was thick and fluffy dangling off of her bangs and I just couldn't take anything she said seriously.

Phew. I feel better now.






  1. I totally agree on the feather thing! Where did that come from?!?

  2. You're a girl after my own heart. I was just telling my husband that I hate those baby on board signs. You always manage to crack me up. Thank you.

  3. I agree with it all, like always.

    The BOB signs are so dumb. I actually think it's hazardous! I mean, like you said, it won't deter anyone, but it might just provoke some weirdo. Not a good idea.

  4. That's it. Just let it all out... Phew, I feel better too. Nice work.

  5. What I don't like are those lines of family member stickers. Then, they have a sticker for their church. Then, they have the school magnet... really giving out a lot of info on the bumper of your car if you ask me.

    Come to think of it... I hate the idea of sticking anything on my car's bumper. I cannot come up with a saying good enough for me to permanently fix it to my car. Same reason I don't have a tattoo... on a much more permanent scale. But you know what...if you are going to put a bumper sticker on your car... for crying out loud... put it on STRAIGHT! ARGH! I can't stnad crooked stickers or even the car dealership things that are often tilted wrong.

    I love that you are carrying that camera everywhere! She looks real ornery! LOL

  6. 1. I hate those, too! I thought it was just me. ANY signs or stuffed animals in the windows makes me roll my eyes.
    2. I'm totally this person . But only 'cause my mom makes us. If I hadn't been such a tomboy, she probably wouldn't be taking it out on my poor child like this. (except the shoes, we can't keep them on her round feet)
    3. I'm picturing you in an American's Funniest Videos episode. Those bouncy houses really do look sooooo fun, though!
    4. People lie on the internet? When did that start?
    5. The feathers mezmerize me. I can't look away. They're cute on 12 year old girls, freaky on 42 year old women.
    6. Could your kids get any cuter?! Peanut's imp-grin just cracks me up!

  7. OMG first of all super cute freaking pictures!! Next love, love ,love this post!!! I've always thought that about number 1!!


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