Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Not Appropriate

My mother and I were watching some high class reality television this week when we learned a new word. Crude material to follow . . . .

The subject was camel toe. You know, camel toe? Basically, a frontal wedgie. I know, not classy, but it does happen.

The word that was used was moose knuckle.

My mother and I are both adults, but we were laughing ridiculously hard. Tears streaming down the face hard. Can't look each other in the face again hard. Hubby was studying his seriously difficult smart people math at the kitchen table and he was not laughing.

Me: "Husband, have you ever heard of a moose knuckle?"

Hubby: "Yeah."

Me: "Why didn't you ever tell me that? It's so funny!"

Hubby: "It's also called a whisker biscuit or a hatchet wound."

My mouth popped open! What the hell is he talking about and why does he have a straight face right now?

Me: "Stop it! My mom is here!"

My mom did not seem to mind because she was laughing again. I thought I would become more mature after parenthood, but so far it hasn't happened.

For some great news, last Friday when I went into work my coworkers asked me to please go shopping this weekend. So I did! Today I am wearing a pair of pants that are a FULL size smaller, woo hoo! They are not as comfy as my others, but I do look better. I also promised myself that I would not become a schlumpa parent but I have enjoyed my big baggy clothes and truth be told I wore maternity pants to bed last night. Shame shame. But today I'm wearing my new smaller pants!

We are all loving this warm weather. This weekend marked the first time the monkeys put their toes in the grass!




  1. I love a good laugh where you can't keep a straight face and giggles continue for minutes. That is a hilarious story! Congrats on getting some new smaller pants.

  2. That first picture is so cute!! Ever loves grass... throwing her arms up in each shot!
    Congrats on the smaller pants!!!

  3. Freaking hilarious, thanks for a good laugh! I had only heard camel toe used not the other three it!
    Beautiful pictures of the babes too!

  4. Te he... That's a good chuckle. I learn something new everyday! Sweet babies! Love it!

  5. Hey Ashley... As for the pic size in my blog. My camera takes a REALLY high res photo - like too high to upload to the Internet without it taking FOREVER, so first I upload to my computer and then resize them all to like 640x480 or whatever is the standard using a simple photo editor. I guess the high resolution helps when making them "XLarge" on blogger. Sorry, I'm not really photo tech savvy so that's all I got for you! Do your pics start out big?? What kind of camera do you use? I think it's a setting on my camera that makes them so big... I honestly don't know how to change it. Ha! Oh, and my e-mail is kelly.looman AT for future reference. I'm going to add it to my blog as well. :)

  6. Okay, where have I been? I did not know those words. I love the laughing til you cry though:)...almost happened last weekend at a restaurant when I suddenly realized my DH had his rugby shirt on inside out. He said, "That's how you hung it in the closet." For some reason, this made me giggle and giggle and I had to stop looking ta him in order to get myself under control. Love the pics, as always! That first one of Ocean's beautiful!


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