Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hubby has been going into the babies room each night that they cry and occasionally giving them a bottle and then leaving. They eat it and go back to sleep.

The other night hubby seemed unwilling to go give Osh his bottle. I put on my big girl panties at one in the morning and took one into him. Hubby assured me that each night he did this they would take the bottle and go to sleep.

Nope. Not for mama.

Ocean threw the bottle down and cried harder when I left. I went back in. I know that I should not get him out of the crib, that's the cardinal sin of getting babies to sleep all night.

I said a little prayer that the thing wouldn't break and crawled right into the crib with him. He snuggled up to me and passed out in a matter of minutes.

Babies are like sedatives so his warm little body, his little baby snore, and his sweet smell put me to sleep. I woke up at 2:30 curled into a ball in a crib at the age of 27. Not good.

The next morning Ever woke up at 7:00 a.m. which is good so I got up and put her in my bed. Usually we play, but we both passed out and slept until 9:00!

I guess we all just needed some snuggles and rest, but I was naughty. So naughty. Sleep training is just not my thing, but at the same time, I love it! One night can't be that bad right?

In other news, we decided on a little play cottage for the babies for their birthday. We set it up in the living room just to see how big it would end up being. The babies loved it! Their favorite thing? Slamming the door! It is not in a box patiently waiting until the big day in just a few weeks!






  1. Awesome gift!!! I can't believe they are turning one already! I'm looking forward to yoru birthday cake-all-over pics already!!

  2. So cute! I love the cottage!

    We had a super bad sleep night last night. I just found out that "night wakening" is normal and common at 9 months. Ugh. The "plan" doesn't always work so sometimes I guess it's just whatever works on some nights. Good luck! We need some right now too!

  3. You really needed to post a picture of you sleeping in the crib.... ;) Maybe Oshy just needed some extra Mommy-cuddles.

    Thanks for the congrats on my post! :) It's been an exciting couple of weeks.

  4. That is hilarious! I have always wanted to do that! It looks so snugly and cozy in there... Good for you! Lets just hope it was a one night fluke! Good luck!

    Thanks for your comment on my sleep post! We are working on some things and hopefully will be having a good nights rest soon!

  5. Love the cottage! I want something like that for outside :)
    Ugh sleep, I miss it! Blake is not a sleeper at all and like you I prefer the snuggles than the not cut out for sleep training!


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