Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rambling Mind

1. The whole pink toenail polish on boys debacle. If you hadn't heard, J Crew featured an ad with a mom painting her son's nails pink.


There was all this outrage from people about how we don't care about gender roles anymore. Yes, I agree, I don't care about gender roles. I think it is 100% harmless for a little kid who is also male to paint their toe nails. Or wear pink. Hubby wears pink and he looks hot. He is even a dirty manly man, but if he wasn't a dirty manly man, who cares? It's also not fair to put all this pressure on little boys which we don't always do the same to girls. If there was a girl in this picture digging in the dirt or playing with a ball I doubt the author of the scatahing article would have said "hurry, get her an apron and put her behind a stove before she becomes confused!" Or maybe he would have I don't know, but honestly there are bigger things going on out there. Besides, look at how happy the mom and son are! That is the most important thing.

2. I'm not understanding the interest in the Royal Wedding. I think it's lovely these two young people are in love, but why is it on TV all the time? I'm not interested at all. I don't care about who is coming, what diet the bride is on or what she is wearing. Is that weird?

3. I get the biggest kick out of watching the babies run around naked after their bath. I know I shouldn't let them and I need to be stricter, but once I put them on the couch and they escape from their bath towel they have the best time squealing and jumping around in their birthday suits! I think it's adorable. Not safe or normal, but certainly entertaining!

4. Apparently my not-even-one year olds are not impressed with my discipline skills. Last night when I was telling Ever "no no," Ocean looked at her and pointed his little bitty finger and said "do do." I was also telling Ocean no no for standing up in the tub and Ever thought I needed help because she gave him a good whack on the booty to supplement the no no.

5. I really REALLY want to give up dairy products, but I don't have the willpower. Dairy is in everything! I know my body and system would feel so much better if I ditched the dairy but dairy is in a lot of my food staples like yogurt and cheese and most importantly chocolate. My favorite protein shakes and bars all have dairy in them so I would be doing a major diet overhaul. There are things that I like and always get but if I did give up dairy I would have to get much more creative with my habits. The babies have cheese and occasionally yogurt, but they will most likely not be drinking milk at all. We started with some Very Vanilla Soy Milk yesterday. Ocean loves it and Ever isn't into it so we will see where this goes.

Those are my thoughts of the day. You're welcome.






  1. 1. I totally agree!!!! Where did these stupid gender roles come from, anyway?

    2. Not interested either, and no, you're not weird.

    3. My pediatrician recommends as much out-of-diaper time as possible. So good job! I'm usually too nervous that they will pee on something, so I like to do it outside.

    4. I like the whack on the booty, hahahaha! Go Ever!

    5. Why do you want to give up dairy? I could never do it, for the same reasons as you.

  2. I agree, let the boy play with toenail polish! Jeez. He's FIVE.

    Also, crazy naked babies are TOTALLY NORMAL! And cute.

  3. I love your rambling mind, and agree with everything! Re: the dairy debate, I gave it up for 9 months and didn't really miss it, but I don't think I could do it now! I've been all dairy all the time now since I got pregnant. ;-)

  4. Ok I agree with every one of your points! Especially the whole J.crew thing, not sure if you saw my lost about it, but I wrote about it here http://www.amommasdesiresandpacifiers.com/2011/04/guys.html and yes my 3 year old paints his nails pink! HA!

    and I LOO-OO-OOVE naked babies! One of the reasons I can't wait til summer, my boys will be naked all the time! :)

    ALSO I TOTALLY agree with you about the whole Royal Wedding. I want to see Britney or Jessica on the cover NOT Will and Kate all the time! Because like you, I just. don't. care.

    the dairy. I have two boys, 3 and 1 and neither drink ANY dairy, never have. They only drink water and organic rice milk. Neither one has ever even had a drop of juice. Just water and rice milk. Dairy grosses me out (but like you, I LOVE cheese.) I try really hard to be totally vegetarian, and I would love to go vegan but I love cheese too much!

    and congrats on the twins! I have twin sisters and one of them is now pregnant for the first time with twins!

  5. I'm just pissed because the royal wedding is taking all the focus off my very important 31st birthday. The nerve!

    Love your stories about discipline :) I don't see anything wrong with them running around naked after bath. I had cousins that did this when I was little. They were younger than me and I didn't understand the appeal but they did it every night for years and loved it. I love letting Baby Girl play naked for a few minutes when changing her but I'm mostly afraid she will pee on something! Let 'em air out those booties!

  6. Love these!
    I can't help cracking up at Ever helping you and supplementing the no no, freaking awesome! Although poor Ocean :)

    Running around naked? It must be adorable to see them having such a good time. It sounds normal to me, they are babies doing baby things, let them!.... in privacy of course... lol

    And cutting out dairy? OMG I would die. I wish you luck. I always have the thought that I'm falling in your footsteps with all your cool and crazy twin mommy ways, but this my dear I refuse to heehee

  7. 2. I totally agree. People getting up at 4 a.m. to watch it? Really? I'm way too sleep deprived. I am sure a picture of the bride in her dress (which, I will admit, I want to see) will be readily available at a NORMAL get-up time! :)

    4. Too funny. Apparently, you need some help! Good thing you have 2 little helpers!

    Yes, I read the other points, but couldn't think of anything to add. :)

  8. I agree that gender roles shouldn't matter, but I have found over my many years of working with kids (and having my own) that *generally* girls do pick dolls more than boys. And boys will pick cars more than girls. Even when offered the same exact toys 24/7... such as at home with twins. Not always, but quite often.

    Honestly, there are sooooo many worse things my kids could say to me than, "Mom, I'm gay."

    I remember watching Prince Charles marry Diana. I haven't gotten caught up in the pre-wedding hype of this one, but I might watch coverage of the ceremony just out of nostalgia.

  9. Thank gawd someone agrees about the royal wedding, all this coverage and I just keep thinking to myself "I really don't care"


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