Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lazy Mom

Guess what?

The twins are officially one year and 5 days and . . . .

they still drink from a bottle! Yes, it's true. I have not made the leap and yanked the bottle from their sweet little hands. I know this is a big no no and the bottle should be gone, but they really like it. My goal is actually 18 months being one hundred percent bottle free. This is so not cool by mommy rules, but in this house this mama will do what I want to! And basically I'm a huge sucker and want my babies to be happy. I'm also tired so I sometimes just do the easiest thing.

My boo bear Osh can drink from a sippy and a straw really well, but his little sis is having some difficulty still. I think Osh is about done anyway, he doesn't even want a bottle first thing in the morning and they rarely finish it when they get it but I'm thinkin' we need a little more time.

We are pretty much 100% on soy milk now and not formula which my wallet is thankful for.

What my wallet is not thankful for is daycare. I am going to be tacky and let you know how much money will be taken from my wallet each month very soon if these monkey will learn to walk.


Are you sure?

$1300.00. Per month. It hurts me to see it. Owie.

Ready for my other tales of laziness?

I am running a 10K on Saturday and I told myself that I would definitely work out at least twice this week just to stay "warm." I didn't. On Monday night I went to the movies to see Water for Elephants instead of working out. It was wonderful and Robert Pattinson was just his regular dreamy dream boat self. Tuesday I went to Target and hit the sack early instead of working out. Due to the fact that the monkeys stayed up ALL. NIGHT. last night I'm sure I won't work out tonight either. Cross your fingers for tomorrow at least!

The good news is that the babies looked ADORABLE on Sunday in their Easter outfits! I got teary eyed after they were all dressed. They are just gorgeous little things. We usually roll in comfy clothes, like cotton ensembles from Carter's because we play a lot so we don't get too fancy so it is so special to see them dressed so cute! Easter is quite laid back for us because we are not religious. Please don't hold that against me, I know it's tough for some people to understand, but we're not. If you have questions about that you are welcome to ask as it seems to usually spark interest in some people.






Happy hump day! It's all downhill from here and almost the weekend!! I have off so I get to spend FOUR straight days with the monkeys starting tomorrow, woo woo!


  1. I'm not one to judge... My oldest had a bottle til he was three! THREE! Whatev. We do what works right? Love the head top picture! Too cute!

  2. Yeah, we had bottles until 15-16 months here. We knew we were moving at that age and I wanted one comfort item like that so I could soothe them during the long drive and adjustment period. Like you said... whatever.

    I will say - from our years of speech therapy around here - sippy cups with straws use muscles for talking (vs hard top sippy cups that they have to suck out of - those are more like a bottle. We used Nuby ones with straws. I will say - pita to clean milk out of).

    Also - open top cups use those oral muscles, too. I first learned that at 26 months old when Carl started speech... and that afternoon, tossed the sippy cups and we went to open tops and never looked back. They did great. But, you're a year away from that age still. It'll be here before you know it... don't blink!

    Love the Easter clothes pics!!

  3. Ouch on the daycare dollars! I am sure it is a decent one though. If it's any consolation, when I used to babysit/nanny for families during the weekdays, my rate was $10 per hour, so that shanked a family out of $1600 per month cash. At least you can take the child care credit with a daycare facility.

  4. I wouldn't stress too much about the bottle yet. Even the strictest of articles say to do it around 15 months. Cute babies as always :).

  5. Well how's this for son is 14 months and my first born is 3 and they both drink out of bottles. NOW, my 3 year old doesn't drink only bottles, for the most part he drinks ice water out of a cup, but he probably has 3 bottles of ricemilk a day. and I SOOOOOO don't care. What is the big deal anyway?? Same thing with pacifiers, if my 3 year old still wanted them, have at it! He doesnt like them though, but my one year old would have one in his mouth 24 hours a day if I didn't yank them out every now and then.

    adorable adorable babies. Love their easter gear and that it.

  6. Twin and multiple mommies get a pass on eliminating bottles! I take the lazy way out at night also and give the babies bottles, I know I should start training them, but we are so tired at night! You are doing wonderful with them, and working out and doing a 10k makes you a saint compared to me lol

    Your lil ones look very very cute!!!

  7. My 2 are working on 17 months and still on the bottle, but also sippy cup and straw Nuby bottle. Our peds MD said they just get an attachment to the bottle around 15 months, which is why they are suggesting transitioning off the bottle starting at 9 months. Seems crazy early to me... Totally agree that the bottle just works for that snuggle time before bed when everyone is so tired. Its a non issue here.

    Your monkeys are adorable!! Babies are the best!

  8. We're just starting to eliminate the bottle, but we're going to do it slowly. I don't worry about it, really. Your kids are adorable as always! Good luck on the 10K.

  9. I'm ALL about the lazy.

    The Lazy Mom


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