Monday, April 11, 2011


A big change in our routine is quickly approaching with the transition into daycare. I have to admit that I've fallen back on my Mom quite a bit. If we had a rough night, I can sleep for an hour in the morning and she can take them (she stays in our home). When I need to get ready I just run up the stairs and they are in good hands.

On Friday evenings my mom leaves to go and stay with my Grandma. She used to come back Sunday, but now she comes back on Monday morning not long before I head into work and it has given me a good look at what each day will be like in a few months.

This morning Peanut woke up at 6 and got in my bed with a bottle. Then Ocean woke up at 8:30 and we all went downstairs after playing screaming chase in the bed. I'm not sure why, but we must always have screaming and squealing these days. We played, changed diapers and ate breakfast. I had to get in the shower so I put a bunch of toys in the crib for them to stay there while I showered. Of course they were both standing up and waiting for me as soon as I got out. Because I have been so spoiled, they are not used to not having all my attention and waiting for me to get done. Needless to say, getting ready takes much longer than it used to. Ever has been ridiculously clingy to me the last few days so I had to hold her at all times. I try to think of myself as someone who is a little open and free spirited, but wandering around topless while holding my child is not my idea of a good time.

Grandma arrived to the rescue about 10 minutes before I needed to leave. I got in the car and noticed there was a gigantic something flying around. I was running behind and couldn't stop and my shoes have ankle straps so I looked around for the nearest weapon. I chucked a snack pack of hummus and killed it! Just as I was so impressed with myself and my amazing ninja skills I dribbles protein shake down my shirt.

Now, while this all may seem like a hot mess, I was quite proud of myself. I have secretly been worried that I will be a miserable failure at this working mom stuff, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing it myself. I'm sure the novelty will wear off when it is something that we do constantly, but for now I am proud of the way we roll, Ocean, Ever and me.




  1. I wish my mom could be around to see them daily. We see her 2-3 times per year. Same with Lew's mom. It stinks living 800 miles from home sometimes. (not all the time) But, for your mom to see them every day for this first year - what a wonderful thing your mom got to experience!

    Did you put them in the same swing?? :-) Mine used to love it!!

  2. I lover the picture of Ever in the swing, she looks like a supermodel giving the "relaxed" look. SO cute!

  3. I'm so glad you are a pretty frequent poster as I love reading your blog:)...Good job balancing it all! I sometimes wonder how I'd do the working mom thing even with just one. Thinking about another and it scares me...even not being a working out of home mom! So...moms like you...I am in awe of. You rock! Two gorgeous happy, healthy babies! Love the adorable pics too! Lori :-)

  4. That's quite a picture you paint! I know how it is getting ready for work with no one to help but it's only with one baby!


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