Thursday, April 28, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

The babies had their one year appointment. I made sure that Ocean had a nice hair do for it because of course pediatrician's make sure that babies have nice hair. It didn't get messed up when they mushed his head against that thing that they measure their height though.


They were so cute. They babbled and smiled at everyone. They were very good. The doctor said that their percentages were slipping, but not in a way that made her alarmed. Ever needs Eucerin lotion for her arms instead of baby lotion but that was about it!


The horrible thing was of course shots and today was a big one, getting blood drawn. I cried before the babies did. Yep. You should laugh at me right now. Hubby sat down with Osh and they nurse told me to go on in and I said "NO!" But everyone lived and they did quite well, much better than I expected!

Here are the stats for you:


31 inches - 79th percentile
22 lbs 8 oz - 43rd percentile


29 inches - 42nd percentile
19 lbs 3 oz - 15th percentile

I already knew they were perfect, but just hearing those words from a medical professional makes it all the better. We are so happy to have found a doctor who is laid back like we are. They never push ANYTHING. She didn't push breastfeeding on me like many docs do, but asked and told me my options. She always makes us feel good about the choices we have made. She did recommend dairy, but when I told her we are attempting to eliminate it entirely from our house she didn't bat an eyelash and told us just to give them a Vitamin D supplement. It was nice and easy. The nurse commented on how I am a great first time parent and they are surprised they don't hear from me more often, which is very common I guess.

Unfortunately, I also had an appointment. My c-section scar still burns after certain activities and will sometimes swell. I have to go back to my surgeon tomorrow morning to see what we need to do because there are probably endometrioma from the c-section as well as adhesions that could have attached to my abdominal wall. Bummer. I wonder how the appointment will go with me and two very mobile toddlers . . . .


What? You think it's weird that I take my camera with me to doctor's appointments? Well, if you haven't figured out that I'm kind of weird you may have issues.


  1. Hooray for a good visit! Our pedi is laid back too. I think she balances out my spazy-ness!

    Now, are you going to take pictures of YOUR dr's visit?? Hmmmm????

  2. Great appt!

    Take the stroller tomorrow. And don't let them out. If I had to take them places like that by myself, they didn't even realize walking was an option. Bring a small bag of books & toys and keep flinging things at them to keep them occupied.

  3. uughh those kids! SO CUTE SO STINKIN CUTE. I would take my camera everywhere with me also. isn't it sad when they cry though? Makes momma want to cry.

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog - your twins are absolutely adorable. Glad to hear their 1 year appt. went well - I totally dread the shots too - they are SO awful!


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