Monday, December 14, 2009

To Child Birth Class or Not to Child Birth Class?

I have registered for the "Marvelous Multiples" childbirth class, but not officially, because I haven't paid for it yet. I feel like I should really do this, but I had an experience that has traumatized me.

I watched FOUR hours of childbirth videos on YouTube.

DON'T do this, EVER. You will be scarred for life, just like I am. I did this because I joined a board of normal fertiles. Some are very passionate about natural childbirth. I figured babies must come out really effed up if you take an epidural, otherwise why would these women be so passionate about it? So I decided to do my own research. As a result, natural birth is not even an option for me. Also, if you need to know, all the babies were the same whether you had an epidural, c-section, or not.

I want to take the class, but my YouTube experiment freaked me out! It will be so real and scary when I actually go to the class. Or it will be nice because I will go into labor with some information. It would also be fun for hubby and I to do together and meet some other moms of multiples to be. But my hormones are not to be trusted at this time. What seems like a good idea, could lead to me crying my eyeballs out and developing a larger fear of childbirth. I have not read any books people have suggested or swore that I should read before children because I feel that it's best to wing it. But winging it in this situation might be bad.

So, what is your vote? Do I go to the class, or is ignorance bliss??


  1. I always want to know ahead of time what I'm getting into. I read as much as I can about everything I'm going to be doing. But I'm a planner... My vote would be to go for it and learn as much as you can!!

  2. Knowledge is power. Beside, it will be nice to meet some other MoM (I bet most are IFers too). My vote is GO.

  3. Sweetie, I think you passed the "Ignorance is Bliss" part when you spent the daywith YouTube! LOL. It would freak me out, too, and thus far I have avoided it, though I have watched a few unedited TV shows that had me raising my eyebrows. :)

    I vote that you go to the class. Like you said, regardless of your birthing options, having support, knowledge and meeting other MoM's in your area could be great for you. I say know your options, be real about it all and have fun. Good luck!

  4. I say go for it. You want to know what all of your options are and be prepared (hopefully without being scared). Each situation is different. Plus, it's something you and hubby can do together.

  5. aren't you supposed to have your birth plan lined up already?



    I think I would go to one of these classes, mostly because I think the info might be helpful. You might want to check your local yoga studio for prenatal classes--the studio I attend has workshops for this very thing and it is less scary and more holistic from what the fertiles tell me.


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