Friday, December 11, 2009

Post-Baby PCOS Instructions

The munchkins aren't even out yet, but I had received advice from the RE about what to do with myself after they are born. The message:

"Get on birth control and stay on it!!"

This is supposed to help a lot with PCOS. The two worst things associated with it are diabetes and heart disease, two things I don't want. BUT - other than cysts on my ovaries and irregular periods, I have NONE of the other symptoms! Before IVF I went to the endocrinologist to have her test for everything that could be associated with it; blood sugar issues, testosterone issues, thyroid issues, or any other hormonal dysfunction that could be related to PCOS and infertility. They took 7 vials of blood. All tests came back beautifully, I am the picture of perfect health.

I don't have a problem with birth control. In fact, I never gain weight on it and can keep my weight regulated easily while on it. I like the "control" part as well. Even after all we have been through, the thought of an unplanned pregnancy doesn't excite me. Although I love babies and can't wait to be a mama, I don't think becoming accidentally pregnant 3 months after giving birth to twins is something that would make me feel very excited. But maybe someday in the future I would like it.

I know there are a ton of speculated causes of PCOS. Diet, lifestyle, hormone imbalances, genetics or a combo of these. BUT - I blame the birth control! Before birth control pills, I did not have irregular cycles. Painful, yes, but not irregular. I was like clockwork. I was physically fit, I did not have acne issues. I don't want to get on pills that mess up body. I took lots of herbs and had a special diet for over a year and it had no effect on me having ovarian cysts. I also think PCOS is a blanket diagnosis and PCOS is actually a bunch of different diseases that we don't have names for yet.

I know it seems silly to think about birth control after not being able to get pregnant without major medical intervention, but I want to make a decision. I've noticed on other boards/blogs that surprise babies seem to come relatively quickly after a successful treatment. Or maybe I'll never worry about it because no matter what I can't be pregnant without IVF. We only have one frozen embryo and odds aren't great with those. Although, my clinic only freezes excellent quality embryos so it is a day 6 fully expanded blast (it doesn't get better than that). And maybe I will never want to have any more kids, 2 is plenty right? And the weight management associated with bcps is nice.

I don't know, I guess I will worry about getting these two out safely and by that time I will have a decision!! Next Wednesday I will be at the halfway point of my twin pregnancy (not quite halfway for a singleton). And then on to the big turning point, viability at 24 weeks!! (although these monkeys better not even think about coming out at that time!!!!!)

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