Friday, May 18, 2012

Separating the Twins

Hubby called me this week and said that the daycare director asked if we would be okay if we moved Osh man up to the next class because there was an opening. Hubby thinks this is a great idea to give them some time apart.

Well . . . . Mommy said no.

I know Hubby thinks we need to make sure they know they are "individuals" and they know that! Sheesh, they couldn't be more opposite. They do like to be together though. Osh way more than Peanut. Oshy just doesn't like to be alone. Part of me thinks it may be good for him, but he is only 2! If he were 5 or 6 I could explain it to him, but what he will be seeing is that sissy gets to stay in the class that he really loves while I drag him down the hall to a new place and how do I explain that to my sweet little two year old boy? I don't think I can.

In terms of transitions, this won't be fun no matter what. Oshy and Peanut both really love their teacher and their classroom, so changing teachers isn't going to be awesome. They have had a sub for some days and Oshy walked into the class and saw the sub and then walked right back out and told me he is going home with mommy!

This is how I see it. We could have one transition which would be two toddlers moving to a new class and getting used to it.

Or we could have a million transitions in one.

1. One toddler moving and transitioning.
2. Both of them transitioning to not being around each other.
3. The next one moving up and having another transition for another child.
4. The kids then getting used to being together all day again.

4 transitions vs. 1 transition? I think you know what this lazy mama is going to choose.

I know someday we will have to do this and Hubby thinks I'm babying them. But they are my babies, so baby them I will! My nuggets will be in the same class.

So there.





  1. I agree. I taught in infant and toddler rooms for about 15 years before I had my own twins. I do not like the idea of moving one twin up and leaving the other one behind. I also have twins and I am not splitting them in school yet. They will enter 1st grade in the same classroom next fall.

    I do hope that the childcare center has a transition plan in place. To make the move as easy as possible for the kids, the kids need to make the move gradually. Over 2 weeks or maybe 10 work days. That means the room they are entering needs to be transitioning their kids to the next room up as well. Each room should have space to move their graduating members up to the new room for about 1 hr per day. And, for the first 4-5 days, the kids' current teacher should accompany them. So, they begin by learning the new room with a comfortable teacher. Then, gradually, the new teacher should become the more visible one during the transition period. Maybe the last couple days should be 3 hours+. That way, on the first day you bring them in to drop them off in the new classroom, they are familiar with the setting and the new, fun teacher and even some of the routine. The hope is that they go skipping off and barely glance back to say "Bye, Mom!"

    You can probably expect a honeymoon period, too. That new room is going to have fun, cool, challenging toys. They should enjoy being in there right from the start. After a week or so, realty will sink in and they may give you some rebellion.

  2. I would have said the same thing. My kids were in the same class this school year, so they could adjust to the school and to being left at school. Next year I requested they be in separate rooms. Their personalities need it. BUT they will be almost 4. Not the same as 2 and suddenly being apart!

  3. I totally agree with you on this one. But speaking from the point of view of a twin who has twins of her own, just be sure to separate them at some point in the future - I think that when they reach an age that they can understand what is happening, being able to create their own identities will be a blessing for them.

  4. I do not have twins, but I am totally with you on this! As you may know, I am big on smoother/easier transitions whenever possible:)...Adorable pics, as always:)...

  5. I completely agree with you on this. The less transitions, the less stressful it will be for all of you. It will be hard enough for them to switch classes when it happens, but at least they will be together during it.


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