Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two year olds!

Holy crap, I'm a bad blogger. I do believe that's the longest I've ever gone, sheesh!

The monkeys turned two and we had a Yo Gabba Gabba party on their birthday. The night before they spent the night with Grandma and Grampa so their procrastinator parents could get up and clean the house and do all the last minute things we needed to do before 30+ people could roll in after nap time.

After nap we woke them and said "it's time for your birthday!" They kept repeating "my birthday, my birthday party." It was precious.

We had chips and applesauce and cupcakes made by Grandma. The twins got a bunch of stuff, their favorite things being a trampoline and tricycles. Their were 13 small munchkins at their party and we did a craft together, but otherwise just played around.

Now I will bombard you with pictures . . . .

010 007 009 008 011 017 015 Last but not least would be my dear Hubby, dressed in his DJ Lance Rock costume.

468547_2077349590051_1734349035_997919_1024493216_o[1] (2)
He said after the party we could take that costume upstairs. And who would I get to be in this little fantasy? Foofa?

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Sexy! Not.

The day ended with two toddlers so exhausted and overwhelmed that we had meltdown after meltdown. Peanut cried all during bath time. It was kind of cute. Good thing we have another year before we do that again.

I can't believe I have two year olds! Tear!


  1. Meltdown after meltdown... truly the sign of a great party day, eh? They are really getting so big!!! 2! Wow!!

    Oh man - love the picture of hubby as DJ Lance! What a great sport!!!

    Happy Birthday 2 Ocean! Happy Birthday 2 Ever!

  2. Happy birthday ocean and ever! So cute, we love Yo Gabba Gabba here! We constantly have a gabba song for everything around here. Your husband is so awesome for dressing up! Cute party idea, I might have to do it!

  3. Those are two cute two year olds ; )

  4. So precious. Happy birthday, Ocean and Ever!

  5. LOVE the Brobie and Foofa cakes! How cute are they? Almost as cute as your little nuggets! Happy 2nd birthdays!

  6. So adorable...I loved the cakes!!! Happy birthday to Ocean and Ever:)

  7. Happy Birthday Ocean and Ever! I love the picture where their expressions are in stark contrast...cracks me up! Bonus Daddy of the Year points to your husband for dressing up.

  8. Happy Birthday Ocean and Ever! Super cute cake idea!

  9. Happy birthday to Ocean and Ever! I can't believe it's been two years already! Y'all are so brave to have that many toddlers in the house!

  10. OMG --- your DH In the Lance Rock costume is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!

    Happy (belated) birthday, beautiful babies!!!

    PS - Ashy, you look awesome!!!


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