Monday, May 27, 2013


A little update on the Butterball! You may notice that I don't blog much. You wouldn't think adding one little munchkin to the house plus now being at home all day would be that much different, but sheesh, it's different. Real different.

The Butterball is growing like a crazy little weed. At five months and some change, he is coming in at over 17 pounds! I love his roly poly chunk body. He has still only had breast milk, but unfortunately I think that may be dwindling soon because my supply has just started tanking. He eats rice cereal before bed and has a little bit of pureed food once a day. He hates peas and bananas, but loves sweet potatoes. He is meh on the carrots and green beans. I made him a popsicle with breast milk the other day and he was so excited that he got to have something to munch on at the table while we were eating dinner. I swear he is dying to get a handful of some real food!

At only five months and some change he is also already rolling and moving around. When I pump I put him on a play mat right in front of me and last week he made it off the play mat and across the room to grab a dirty sock to chew on from the laundry pile. The twins are very interested in him moving around and I am trying my best to train them to be more responsible with their squinkies and beads and other tiny things that they leave around.

On the sleep front, it is touch and go. I will say it is 1000000% easier than twins, thank the Universe, but getting interrupted sleep over long periods of time, like five months and some change, is hard on a person. That is a big reason why I don't blog as often yet. My goal is to blog for a little while and get my thoughts out all at once and schedule posts but my stupid internet is slow as f#$% so by the time it loads I'd rather be sleeping. But due to the interrupted sleep I don't sleep that well anyway so I am stuck with all these thoughts swirling in my head, trapped there and not overshared on the internet for my free personal therapy. It's a vicious  cycle. Now that my tangent is over, back to the Butterball. He sleeps ok. Sometimes well and sometimes not. He sleeps poorly only when he is sick but unfortunately that is frequently. Otherwise he gets in his bed around 9 and sleeps there until 3-5 a.m. when he feeds and goes back to sleep. He always feeds again around 6:30 and then is up for the day between 8 and 8:30. I typically only wake twice so I will be thankful for that because after having Osh man I know it could be worse. So much worse, in fact. I'm tired all the time though and am ready for some energy!

We were driving out of town and I saw his face in the mirror behind his carseat and said to Hubby, "aren't you so glad we had him? Isn't he the best thing in the world?" It's true. He is such a sweet, lovable, great little thing. I can't get enough of him. The twins love him too. Everyone does really, you just can't help it.

Here are some pics of my jolly little chubster, marker tattoo by Peanut. At his appointment the doctor said "is that marker in his ear?" Why yes, yes it is. 





  1. Oh my gosh! The cuteness :)
    Aww a lil over 17bls, with only Mommy's milk and little markers from his big sister, I'd say he is doing just fine! I only have the twins and I find it hard to blog often, so yeah, its quite alright and understandable that you are only doing it every so often. We'll be here when you resume your normal blogging routine ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, he's just so adorable. Who wouldn't want to gush all over him in hot pink marker? :)


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