Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Seriously . . . it's only Thursday. It should be Friday. Or even Sunday because that is how far I feel I should be in this week.

Seriously . . . I must be getting really old because I find kids today to be terrible, like one of those old people that say "kids today blankity blankity blank. Back in my day they would never do that." They just get worse and worse! What is wrong these days, huh? Or am I just getting senile?

Seriously . . . the next person who tells me about their suprise pregnancy is getting a mail bomb (just kidding FBI, I don't know how to make those).

Seriously . . . Netflix is killing me. First I got addicted to Mad Men and was totally obsessed. Now I cannot get enough of Friday Night Lights. That show is so awesome! Love it.

Seriously . . . I had smores on a campfire the other night and it was like a little slice of heaven. I like my marshmellows burnt to a crisp. Yummo.

Seriously . . . I"m thinking of starting a Pinterest craft club. How dorky is that on a scale of 1 to 10? Once a week, or every other week, no kids, Pinterest (my favorite thing in the world), making stuff, and probably a touch of alcohol.

Seriously . . . I am considering a second run to the pumpkin patch because we took the monkeys and they had an amazing time just as long as it had nothing to do with pumpkins so I didn't get any pumpkin pictures! It's a tragedy I tell you. But how can pumpkins compete with goats, jump jumps, slides, train rides and dirt digging? They can't.

I seriously stuck my debit card in an ATM machine and left if there almost two weeks ago and STILL haven't received my new card. I hate writing checks. They take forever to clear the account, it's boring, and I want my card back, TODAY!!

My wild man digging in the dirt!


$8 per package organic noodles so delicately placed on Ever's head instead of in her mouth!



  1. oh my your kiddos are growing up so fast!

    um i totally couldn't agree with you more... i think its the parents who are making them worse and worse!

    we had a great time at the patch too!

  2. Mad Men is the best! I watched Seasons 1 and 2 in about 1 week when they were On Demand and got hooked!

  3. Try "Dead Like Me" - older but so good - if you don't mind ODD stuff. Also, "The Wire" was SO good and intense.

    I like my marshmallows burnt too! AND I would totally go back for pumpkin pictures.

  4. I seriously had smores the other day over a lit candle on the kitchen counter. No lie. It didn't quite taste the same? But still good enough.

    seriously your kids just get cuter and cuter and cuter.

  5. Found you through the link up.. following you now. You're funny. Netflix is killing me too... but with Greys. I'm about 50 episodes in, about 100 to go. Eeek. I spend all nap time watching. I'm no longer productive. I'm addicted and it's bad.

    And about "these kids"... yeah, I know. I heard a story today that made me want to vom. They know too much too soon. I'm scared for when OUR kids are teens. Oh geez, I can't even think about it!

  6. Stopping by from Becky's blog and I LOVE your Pinterest craft day idea! Might have to borrow!

  7. Seriously - smores sound freaking delicious right now. Though, I'm crazy into everything pumpkin!

    Can't comment on Friday Night Lights or Mad Men. I'm addicted to all things reality tv. :)


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