Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Without Kids

As soon as the babies got here, I quickly forgot what life without kids was like. They have spent nights at Grandma's house and went on a vacation with Grandma while hubby and I took a vacation. Last Friday the monkeys headed out of town and we will be meeting up with them soon.

It was SO bizarre being around the house with no kids. BIZARRE.

A list of things I have done just since Friday:

  • I've seen 3 movies. The Change-Up (all I mostly thought about during that one is how much cuter my boy/girl twins are), Horrible Bosses (hilarious!! super raunchy though) and Crazy Stupid Love (so good). Three movies in two days.

  • I went on a 5 mile fun with a friend.

  • I did my Jillian Michael's dvd.

  • I woke up early and did cardio before work.

  • I went to a friend's house and watched four episodes of the new season of True Blood, the best show ever.

  • I packed.

  • I laid out.

  • I worked on a Facebook page for my photography.

  • I applied to grad school.

  • I went to a birthday party.

  • We went on a double date to the Melting Pot to enjoy chocolate and cocktails.

  • I researched getting new boobs.

  • I slept A LOT. At least 8 full hours a night.

  • I finished reading the second "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" book.

  • I worked.

  • I certainly did not clean one goddam thing in this house.

Normally I do a 10th of that plus take care of babies and I felt pretty bored. Truly, it was boring at times. Sleeping and working out were pretty awesome though. Babies are better.

Sunday night was spent on the couch with Hubby griping about how much we miss the munchkins and how dumb we were to let them go on vacation before us. I cannot wait to see them and love them and kiss them. We have a flight and then a drive and I know it will be so long in my mind to get to them and I'm sure I will have a meltdown at some point as I always do when things are taking too long. Then it is baby time, for five straight days. Boo yah.



  1. Sounds lovely! Good to have some time alone, even though I understand missing them like crazy!

    Also, grad school?! What for?

  2. Ok, reading it back "what for" might come across wrong as in "what the hell would you do that for?". When really what I meant was, "Awesome, what will you be studying?"


  3. Isn't it crazy how two little ones can change EVERYTHING! I mean I think I have been home without the twins like 2 times for less then an hour while daddy had them at costco or something. Alone time is important though!

  4. RIGHT?! You go girl! I say that 'childless vacations' make everything stronger, you, your marriage, your children too! I am a firm believer that most women -- maybe not ALL but MOST -- are BETTER mothers when they get time away from their kids. I am proud of you. It is ok to miss them, but it isn't ok to think for one minute you are doing anything wrong by letting them go with a safe, capable adult so you can get a break and remember what it is like to be Ashley. Not just mommy. Happy for you, dear!

  5. Also, can we please smack vampire Eric into being mean again? This wussy one does nothing for me.

  6. Ohhh...a vacation before the vacation! Nice way to play it.

    Um, grad school? Yikes! Awesome. Do tell. What field? That so rocks!

  7. OMG what I wouldn't give for a weekend (or even one night) off sans parenthood. Sounds amazing!

  8. Ashley I loved this post!! Because I have so been there! Whenever both kids are gone, it just feels SO WEIRD to be able to do whatever I please, whenever I please!! I love it for the most part, and then I start to miss them and even though I totally enjoyed my night to myself, I prefer when my little babies are upstairs sleeping in their beds!!

  9. Wow. That sounds AWESOME. But yeah, I would miss my kiddo too. Have a great vacay!

  10. It's called mommy time girl. Live it up and enjoy your kiddos when you get back with them. Thanks for the movie reviews. Need to know before spending good money on tickets

  11. I'm so glad you're enjoying your "me" time! I'm with you - even after working all weekend, I'd rather do without sleep and play with my baby girl than get to sleep in! Baby time rules. ;)


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