Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Holy Weight Gain

I had my 28 week appointment last Friday. It was my last monthly appointment, I am now in my third trimester and have appointments every two weeks. It's so crazy! In less than ninety days, Baby 3 will grace us with his presence (yeah, I said his, I know this has got to be a baby boy, no matter what everyone else says). I'm starting to get really excited. Peanut told me that she would help me take care of the baby when it comes out until we can find it a new mommy. Yeah . . . .

Anyway, I do NOT weigh myself at home. I just don't. I don't want to worry or stress about it. Plus, I will never look good naked again. Until I can afford major plastic surgery of course. I have dangly skin, stretch marks that are an inch wide and some almost 4 inches long (I'm not talking about those sweet little white ones either, they are purple), and boobs that dangle down to my ribs with nipples the size of my face. It's not really that exciting to look good shoved into push up bras and Spanx so if I gain a bunch of weight, who cares, right?

Well . . . . my weight gain has been a little more excessive than last time. I try not to pay attention to the numbers but obviously it is one of the main things we talk about at the appointments. My doc rolled her chair in and said wow, it looks like you have gained more weight than with the twins. That isn't true yet, but clearly it's going to happen. I gained 36 lbs. when I delivered them at 37 weeks and 1 day. At my 28 week appointment with my singleton baby, I had gained 31 lbs. THIRTY ONE. That must be our lucky number because the baby is also measuring at about 31 weeks instead of 28. Could be a big baby. Could be my pop tart habit, we're not sure.

So yeah, thirty one pounds. Wow. I will say that even though I am only 5 lbs away from my total weight gain last time and I still have a full trimester to go, and let's be honest I could gain that in only one week, I am still 13 pounds away from my actual weight on my due date with the twinks so it isn't that bad.

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

ren fest 022

Yes, my son is wearing mascara. It happens.

ren fest 023
Sorry for the blurriness. They get a little crazy sometimes together!


  1. eh weight gain smeight gain.

    Yeah, that's always a tough conversation to have with the doctor.

    Kids look adorable as usual. I love how peanut is going to help until the new mommy is found! Love it!

  2. Love that last picture of E! She's so silly! And, eh, sounds like you are doing ok to me! But what do I know?

  3. Pop tarts - hell yes. They have pumpkin ones out now. :-)

  4. Ha! I'm 20w5d (the 5d are very important) and I've put on about 24lbs ALREADY! As I'd been on a losing weight streak before I got pg, it's hard to take. But so far noone's talked to me about it, and when I ask, they say it's fine...everyone is different. Hmmmmm. I'm really hoping not to get to 50lb by the end...

    Love that Peanut is going to help until you can find it a new mommy, so very very cute!


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