Sunday, June 3, 2012

Five Years


Five years ago from yesterday, I got hitched. A year and a half before we got engaged on a spring break vaca to San Diego. I had been planning up a storm. We had an awesome ceremony that lasted about 20 minutes and then we partied.

A few days later we headed to Kauai. It was an amazing experience. We were actually supposed to go to St. Lucia but we didn't get our passports in time. Two days before the wedding we had to cancel our honeymoon and we rebooked. Due to the very last minute nature of this trip we got a phenomenal deal to go to an otherwise pretty pricey vacation to the gorgeous island of Hawaii. We got a beachfront hotel and round trip airfare for $1400.

In our newlywed in paradise bliss, we decided we would come back every five years for our anniversary.

Well . . . .

Little did we know we would spend the big bucks on infertility which would then give us our beautiful twins, which would then give us a bill of $1300 every.single.month for daycare. We almost pay for our Hawaii vaca every month. I would like to say we are rich enough to pay the equal of a luxury vacation each month in daycare and still afford a luxury vacation, but we can't. If we want to get real at the end of my pay period we can barely afford pb&j and gas for the Corolla, mmkay.

We wouldn't trade our twin nuggets for any vacation on this earth (or beyond), so we were perfectly content to go to a yummy dinner where we talked about how adorable Osh and Peanut are and how excited and lucky and hopeful we are for our fetus to turn into a healthy baby in December. We then went to a movie (Snow White and the Huntsman, it was really good but I am a nerd who loves motion graphics and fantasy films)and held hands and enjoyed each others company.

What more could you really ask for? Ups and downs have not prevented our first milestone anniversary and we feel so lucky right now.




  1. Happy anniversary!!! You look beautiful in the pics. And wow, what a great deal! $1400 is like one round trip flight normally!

  2. Gorgeous bride! Handsome groom! Happy, happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful wedding photos!

  4. Happy 5th Anniversary!! Sounds like 3 wonderful reasons to have to postpone that return vacation for a little while. :-) Did you save your cake topper? mmm... 5 year old cake! (we did save ours, but sadly, left it in my parents' freezer for too long and had to toss it. Tragic.)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Oh and I just caught up on your blog CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! SOOOOOOO EXCITING!!!

  6. Happy (Belated) Anniversary!
    Beautiful pictures =)


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